Thanks for visiting the Half-Eaten Mind.

The Mind (or HEM for short) is a news magazine and blog operating from a home offfice in the upcoming and multicultural districts of east London. We’re located in Plaistow, a short distance from the site of the London 2012 Olympics in Stratford.

The blog covers news and features from a local (London), national (British) and international perspective. We have no qualms about covering most subjects and forms of writing from hard news to ‘fluffy’ human interest stories. HEM also doubles as the personal blog of the editor – and occasionally and confidently forays into photography and basic graphic design.

Our stories are generally sourced from external sources but we also welcome contributions and suggestions from interested parties. You can send ideas, news stories, your own articles (republished with due credit and a byline), poetry, photography etc. at the email address below, or via the blog itself



HEM is owned and managed by Vijay Shah, a journalism graduate from the Class of ’06 at the University of Westminster in London and Harrow, Middlesex, England. Of mixed English & Indo-Mauritian origins, Vijay has dreamt of being a journalist since his secondary school days and has a flair for writing both fiction and non-fiction. He began the Half-Eaten Mind to help nourish and maintain his news-writing and prose skills, and since its establishment on the popular WordPress blogging platform in 2012, the blog has gone from strength to strength. When not blogging, he currently works as a database administrative assistant for Informa plc. a multinational company specialising in conferences, seminars, events and training courses. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading, good food and television among other things.

He is the second oldest of three brothers and three sisters.

I would like to first thank God for giving the means and the abilities that helped bring this blog about. I also wish to thank all of the friends, family, contributors and our followers and blogging compatriots on WordPress whose support and belief have helped kept the Half-Eaten Mind chewing on the fat of the world of news.


“News and views of a partially digested brain”


Version: 16th July 2014/Amended 19th July 2014


(c) treedork @ Flickr





Blog Editor & Owner: Vijay Shah

HEM ‘Office’: Plaistow, London, England U.K.

Founded: 16 April 2012

Contact e-mail: halfeatenmind@outlook.com



TWITTER: @halfeatenmind (HEM)

TWITTER: @VShah1984 (Editor’s)

FACEBOOK: /HalfEatenMind

LINKED-IN: Vijay Shah




© 2012 – 2014 V. Shah/The Half-Eaten Mind Blog.



Please do not reproduce articles in their entirety without the author’s express permission.
Excerpts and quotes may be used provided they are attributed to myself and the blog (please include a linkback).
All pictures are the copyrights of their respective owners.


 || ॐ तत् सत्  || 


  1. i cant wait to see this blog finished ,goodluck vijay.xx

  2. Woooohoooooo!!!!

  3. very interesting blog…..are you really gonna eat that thing up there?..

    • Hi thegreatgodpan1,

      Thanks for the comment and compliment!! :)
      Don’t worry, I am more than happy to share…let’s make it a 50/50 split.
      Although personally I’m more of a sausage and burger man myself though.

  4. This blog looks great! Really does.

  5. Loool Vijay
    Sik Website !! :D x

  6. Hi Dear,

    I Nominate you for the prestigious Hug Award – Hope Unites Globally
    Please accept & oblige.


    Please read the instructions carefully in the link provided
    on the awards page and follow suit


    • Hi Kavita,

      Many thanks for nominating me for the award. You made my day :)

      Kindest regards,
      – HalfEatenMind

      • Your welcome dear…keep up your awesome blogging

        Congratulations :)

      • Hi Kavita,

        I am so happy you are enjoying my blog and supporting what I do. I am really grateful.
        I thought today to do my next article on your nomination of my blog for the HUG award, and also to nominate yours and other blogs for the award also.
        Hopefully you are fine with that.
        Really enjoy your writing and you certainly have a fun life around you!! :)
        Keep up the good work!!

        - HalfEatenMind

  7. Very nice blog you have here…Love browsing though your posts

    Thanks a lot for the visit dear…..Keep blogging

  8. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog Ajaytao2010@wordpress.com. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.

    • Hi Mr. Ajay

      I enjoyed my visits my visits to your blog. You write well, have a nicely presented blog and from reading your about page, we even have some stuff in common.
      Well done !!

      - HalfEatenMind

      • thanks Vijay for visiting my blog

        vijay shah atle gujrati

        kyana cho

        I am from Mumbai

      • Hi,

        You’re welcome,
        Actually I’m not Gujarati, but my stepdad was. I can understand some…”me todu-todu Gujarati sikhiyo cho…majama cho.
        Oh good, which part of Mumbai are you from, I was staying just outside near Nallasopara. I was in Colaba, Apollo Bandar, a few places.

      • I stay at Opera house, Chowpatty
        bahu saru lagyu tamne malee ne bahuj

        tame majama cho ne

        I loved that Gujarati you spoke

        very nice of you my friend to hear from you

        thank you very much

      • I have heard of Opera House. Is it one of the more exclusive parts of the city?
        Thanks for your compliments. I used to know a lot more Gujarati, but have lost it over the years. I can still read it abit, at least verbally. I can even write my name in it too. Ethnically speaking I am of mixed English/Indian-Mauritian heritage, but I met one uncle in Mauritius who was originally from Surat apparently.
        It’s nice to hear from you too.
        All the best in your blogging.

        – HalfEatenMind

      • Thank Vijay nice reading about you

  9. Hey. I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Award. You deserve it. Here’s the link. You can accept it as you wish. Best wishes. :)

    • Hi Pallak,

      Thank you so much for your nomination. I’ll make an article about it and nominate you also for the Super Sweet Award.
      Once again, many thanks.

      Kindest Regards,
      – HalfEatenMind

  10. Davinder Kaur

    Hi Vijay, I have nominated you for the “Super Sweet Blogging Award”. You were the first one to ever nominate me for an award (the same award that I’m nominating you for) that I feel I want to do the same thing for you too. I think you could accept my award without having to follow all the rules again, as you have already followed them and done everything. Therefore, I hope you accept my award. Here is my link: http://luchaniktravel.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/super-sweet-blogging-award/
    Well done and congrats for being one of my nominees, and thanks for nominating me.

    • Hi Davinder,

      Thanks so much for your nomination. I gladly accept the award
      Well done for being one of my nominees. You have a great blog with wonderful & professional-quality pictures and you thoroughly deserve it :)

      – HalfEatenMind

  11. Hi,Thank you for following. It’s my privilege. if you get time please read my book “My Day Out With An Angel” and let me know the feedback at jose.a.sanoj@gmail.com


    Peace & love, Sanoj

    • Hi Sanoj,

      Thank you too for following my blog. Really enjoyed perusing thru your blog and getting a feel for your unique brand of spirituality.
      I will have a look at your book as soon as I can. Cheers!!

      Kindest regards,
      – HalfEatenMind

  12. My dear friend…I have nominated you with the Super Sweet Award…it’s OK for you to take time to post about it or if you are busy then leave it as well so that it doesn’t become a chore…but I would like to show my appreciation through this award for your awesome blog and you being such a nice person and an awesome friend. Wish you an awesome day ahead!

    • Hello dear Kavita,

      Thanks a million for your nomination. I have already posted about the original nomination, so it would be a bit repetitive to post again but I will add an extra smaller article just as ‘follow-up’ news with reference to your article.
      I really value your appreciation. You too have been a great friend and I always feel so much positive vibes every time I read one of your blogposts. You have a great photographic talent and passionate writing as well.

      Hope you have a great week !!…enjoy the great Aussie sunshine!!!

      Kindest regards,

      – HalfEatenMind

  13. Hi Vijay, thanks for dropping by my blog an liking my post, “Terminal Justice.” :-)

  14. thanks for visit and a like.

  15. Hi Vijay :-) I received some awards recently and thought you might like to share in the blogging fun? http://jilllondon.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/seven-awards/ There’s no obligation to join in but it would be great if you decide to :-). Share the love and tell other bloggers how amazing they are xx

    • Hi Jill,

      Many thanks for your nomination. Yes I would like to pass on the blessings, but due to work commitments I’ll have to do it on the weekend.
      Kindest regards,

      – HalfEatenMind

  16. Hey Vijay! :)
    I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/three-more-awards/
    Hugz to you!

  17. Hi my dear friend…I have nominated you for Shine on Award …..this is to recognize your efforts in sharing all these beautiful posts with us….Thanks for making this journey of blogging wonderful and congratulations!

  18. Greetings! Thank you for spending some time in my blog. Feels great to connect with you. You have such an informative web log! It’s a treat to be around here.
    Keep visiting. :)

    Best wishes

    • Hi Tanumoy,

      Nice to meet you too, I really enjoy your blog, and you have a great mastery with the English language. What a fascinating read!!
      Thanks for your appreciation of the Half-Eaten Mind.

      Kindest regards,

      – HalfEatenMind

  19. Hi Vijay, Good to get to know you. Can’t wait to read more of your blog. Cheers

    • Hi,
      Thanks so much for following my blog. I just had a brief read of a couple of articles on Everything Aussie and you write really well.
      I look forward to seeing more great stuff.
      Greetings from London, England (a.k.a Hive of the Whingeing Poms)

      – HalfEatenMind

      • Hi Vijay,

        Thanks for your comment and feedback. I try to make each post better than the last one, always looking to improve. Comments like your strengthen my determination to continue.

        Looking forward to picking half of your brain.

        Greeting from Adelaide, aka the City of Churches and also a large group of whinging poms who left for Australia

  20. Thank you kindly for dropping by my blog. :)

  21. Good luck with using this as an entry point for your career. The more of us who read it, like it and recommend it on, will hopefully result in something bigger. While you’re waiting for that right connection, enjoy!

    • Hi Theresa,
      Thanks for your wishes, indeed…hopefully this might lead to my life-changing ‘big break, and help me achieve a very important dream.
      Even if it doesn’t though, that doesn’t matter though. I do this to impart useful information and news, and I really love blogging. I find it quite therapeutic actually.Thanks for stopping by :)

      Kindest regards,
      – HalfEatenMind

  22. Merci de suivre mon blog. d–0.o–b

  23. hey, found you on twitter, you interest me. from your newest follower

    • Hi Alise,

      Thanks so much for the follow. I have also followed you back both on the WordPress and on Twitter (my blog and personal accts.)
      Look forward to connecting :)

      – HalfEatenMind

  24. Thank you for visiting my site after I was fortunate enough to find yours. It is greatly appreciated. I enjoyed reading about you and the straightforward way you went about it. Kudos. ~DivineChaos

  25. A heartfelt welcome to our newest friend following our blog 😉 Thank you and God bless 😊

  26. God bless you! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find out more information on my post: http://afriendforever54.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/I've-been-nominated-for-the-Liebster-award/

  27. Hi Vijay! Thanks for following my blog! Linda.

  28. I have nominated you for The Blog of the Year Award 2013!
    Of course you don’t have to accept, just know you’re appreciated!

  29. Thank you for following my blog

  30. callingonangels

    Wonderful blog you have here, thank you for following mine =]

  31. Good for you for launching your blog to practice your own brand of journalism. It’s great what the internet allows us to do these days! :-)

    • Thank you CatBird :)
      The internet has really opened doors for journalists now. New and niche media outlets are springing up like mushrooms.
      Fantastic invention!!

      – HalfEatenMind

  32. Congratulations!

    I have nominated your blog for the WordPress Family Award.

    More about this nomination is at


  33. Well deserved :) All the best for you and your blog!

  34. Hi Vijay, the “gentle giant”,
    Thanks so much for the follow, which has led me back to your most interesting and varied blog. I am focusing on he despicable fur industry in my blog so I presume you too support animal rights? I try and find a balance in my blog between the personal and information; light and dark.
    I am interested in many other issues, though, and look forward to reading more of your posts. All the best.

    • Hi Emy,
      You’re very welcome. Yes I do have sympathies for animal rights. I despise animal cruelty and am really disgusted by the work of the fur farming industry.
      Fur looks better on the animals TBH. Thanks for your interest in the Half-Eaten Mind and I also look forward to reading more on your blog.

      Kindest regards,
      – HalfEatenMind

  35. I probably don’t say it as often as I should but your blog is very special to me and I’ve nominated you for 3 awards. Yes. Three. http://wp.me/sQUCq-rewarded . Much love!

  36. You have an interesting blog here. Continue the good style.
    Thanks for your visit and following at my blog, it is really appreciated.

    • Hi Irene,

      Thanks for your appreciation of the Half-Eaten Mind and glad you have enjoyed seeing what it has to offer.
      Look forward to seeing what you have in store for 2014!!


  37. Nominated you for The I’m NOT Featured On Freshly Pressed Award
    Check out: http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/mega-award-shower/
    Of course you don’t have to accept an award, just know you’re appreciated!
    Lots of love,

  38. Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog I appreciate it very much. :-D

  39. Thank you for discovering my photography blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com. We hope you enjoy your journey. On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we wish you the best.


  40. Thank you for “Liking” the post, “My Life In A Hole”. Streets Of Our World, on my photography blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com. On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment. We hope you continue to join us on our journeys.  

    Best Regards,

  41. thank you my friend for sharing the article and happy greetings of friendship and hopefully, when we share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama :)

  42. Well, I am totally honoured…a brainiac following my blog!! Thank you. That photo is quite impressive…is that pickled brain??

    • Hi Oliana,
      You’re very welcome.
      I got this photo via Flickr. To be honest I don’t know, but one secretly hopes that it is just a fibreglass mock-up.
      I get queasy just seeing tripe on display at the local butchers.


  43. Nominated you for The Bouquet of Kindness Awards
    Check out: http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/its-raining-awards/
    Of course you don’t have to accept an award, just know you’re appreciated!
    Lots of love,

    • Hi Irene,

      A massive big thanks for selecting me to receive this lovely award. Hopefully you’re aware of the article I did today pertaining to this.
      Thank you so much for the true-to-life summary/compliment you paid round my way, I really appreciate this.


      • Vijay, Congratulations, I think that the smile you put on fellow bloggers faces makes you very deserving of this joy filled field of flowers and then your great writing as well. Thank you for the wonderful response that you have written to your nomination. I am looking forward to visiting all your nominees. Cheers Irene

      • Irene…I’m certainly smiling now…and feeling flushed too. I really appreciate your support and appreciation of my writing.
        It gladdens my heart to know that what I’m doing is inspiring happiness and mutual respect with my fellow bloggers.
        It was my pleasure :)


  44. Nominated you for The Love and Kindness Award
    Check out: http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/sunny-with-a-chance-of-raining-awards/
    Of course you don’t have to accept an award, just know you’re appreciated!
    Lots of love,

  45. Hi Half eaten Mind, Just to let you I have nominated you for the seven in one award.
    More details at http://irenewaters19.com/2014/03/02/seven-awards-in-one/
    Cheers Irene

  46. Hello Vijay! I’m not into awards but you certainly deserve them all. Most interesting blog and I love your writing. Thanks for the follow, I’m now your follower, too, in spite of your bizarre diet!

    Cheers, Irina

    • Hi Irina,

      Thanks for your lovely compliments. I just had a look at your blog, and you have amazing photography skills and really bring your subjects to life.
      As for the diet, I think I should have added more salad heheheheh :)

      Thanks for following back, and look forward to seeing more of your posts.

      Best wishes,

  47. Hello there,
    I have nominated you for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award! You can see the details on my blog at http://rachelcarrera.wordpress.com/2014/03/23/the-dragons-loyalty/. :)

  48. Vijay… Howdy… :-)

    I found your site through another blogger, Sage Doyle, of “The Journal of Wall Grimm” fame, when he passed on an award you gave him… I like your outlook, from what I’ve read, and will be back, when I can, to read more… My internet and WP surfing time is limited by physical issues; many days, composing my own blog, and perhaps answering a few comments, is all I can do,

    But, when I AM able to do so, I WILL be back to read more… Sage is a good recommendation, as I respect his work….

    Any who, I’m glad I found your site, as I’m always seeking new sources for my own brain’s consumption… As a life-long polymath, I like to keep it busy and contented, chewing on SOMETHING….

    Take care, and best of luck blogging here on WordPress….

    Ned, aka

    gigoid, the dubious….

    • Heya Ned.

      Thanks for visiting the Half-Eaten Mind and of course for your awesome comment. I appreciate your compliments and hope you enjoy more of what I am offering.
      I understand about the time issue. I usually only get time to blog on weekends only, what with the day job and all.
      Glad to have fed some food for your brain :)

      Kindest regards,


  49. Hey, I’ve nominated you guys for a WordPress family and Very Inspiring Blogger Award! See here: http://parttimemonster.wordpress.com/2014/05/02/6-month-blogiversary-awards-edition/

  50. Thank you for following my blog, I greatly appreciate it. :)


  51. Hi Vijay… You have wonderful blog here… Enjoyed reading it thoroughly..!! :)

    • Bela,

      Thanks so much for your kind and appreciative comment. I have followed your blog and look forward to seeing your posts.

      Welcome to da Hood…aka the HEM Community :)


  52. You seem pretty serious about your blog.

    Glad to have found your blog Vijay, all thanks to DC. :-)

  53. Hello: I have just nominated you blog for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Please visit my blog to see. https://kimgosselinblog.wordpress.com/

  54. Thanks so much Don…wooooow!!…I’m stumped :)


  55. Thank you so much, DC. These are beautiful badges for a superb award. Much appreciated.


  56. Thanks so much DC!!


  57. Hi DC,

    Thanks so much for including in the Don Charisma Friends page. I am very happy you have bestowed this little honour on me.


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