PURE EVASION: A posh Tunisian travel agency; a myriad of serene holiday snaps

By Vijay Shah

As any business nowadays knows, it is common sense to have a Facebook presence. With its 800 million active users, according to its own published figures, Facebook has a wide-ranging and international consumer market that even the smallest business could potentially benefit from. This is also true for any organisation that needs an audience; from national governments to charity appeals. Even this little blog, among the millions of blogs out there (30 million estimated using the WordPress platform alone) has its own Facebook page (it’s here!). You do not have to be earning a ‘pretty penny’ to make your presence felt on Facebook. Essentially you have hundreds of thousands of eyes and screens that you can use to showcase your or your organisation’s work, activities, and ideas.

This article is not an attempt to give a crash course in setting up your own business or any tips-and-cheats guide to winning a legion of social networks fans. I do not have yet that much expertise in the field, unfortunately, but it does show how if you make your Facebook page visually appealing, it can draw people in like moths to a light bulb, but even those photos can take a life of themselves which can transcend their humble placement in a webpage on somewhere like Facebook or MySpace.

This morning I stumbled across a company through a page I follow on Facebook called “Chicha”, a French-language setup dedicated to promoting the art of water-pipe smoking, otherwise known as shisha or hookah. By the way, ‘chicha’ is simply the French rendering of the Arabic word ‘shisha’ – the ‘ch’ digraph is pronounced /sh/ in French. “Chicha” normally is adept at posting close-up shots of various hookah pipes or people using them, so it is basically your typical hobby page.

Today was a small unexpected surprise though, instead of the usual fare of shelves of mini hookahs or double-piped Khalil Maamoon monsters, I instead stumbled this picture of a brightly coloured city scape which you can see below:

The beautiful image of Rio that caught my eye (c) Original copyright, Calxibe.com
The beautiful image of Rio that caught my eye (c) Original copyright, Calxibe.com

At first appearances for me, bearing in mind that I had just been kitchen cleaning and was frankly relieved/tired that it was all over, was that this was the skyline of  Hong Kong’s city centre. I guess it would have been easy to see why, as the urban areas of this financial powerhouse and Special Administrative Region in China are packed to the brim with neon lights, futuristic buildings and a hectic nightlife. On closer inspection, I soon realised this to be the fun-in-the-sun city that is Rio de Janeiro. While this picture could easily be of any major coastal city, the clue is in the Sugar Loaf mountain in the top half of the cityscape.

I love this picture. The colour contrast is pleasing to the eye especially with the purple of the dusky sky, layered above the earthy browns and greens of the hills and islands, finished off with the dotted green-yellow lights of the city itself. Urban and man-made, and the glory of nature, fitting together without overwhelming each other…but it can overwhelm the viewer. Looking at this photo, I feel relaxed yet breathless, in absorbing the buzzing activity and sheer scale of this tropical neighbourhood – the complexity of Rio’s man-made environment, set against the tranquility and omnipresence of the city’s surrounding natural features.
Pure Evasion is a private travel club and holiday company based in Sousse, Tunisia. The club specialises in offering travel packages to exotic tropical locations and caters mainly to Francophone tourists. They cover all of the main tourist hotspots in Asia, Africa principally, through exclusive and tailor-made tours. Pure Evasion does not promote its business too heavily on either its homepage or its Facebook page. It seems like a small agency, which may be a bit worrying for those used to package holidays but unfortunately I cannot say if Pure Evasion is just an unreliable one-man/woman operation or if its assumed size offers holidaymakers a personalised experience where one or two specialists cater to your every whim.

There is not much in the way of a company ‘about’ description and the destinations are described as like mini-entries for a Wiki site (but with a lot of useful facts and figures for would-be visitors), but Pure Evasion do not seem overtly concerned about written details and terms & conditions. They let their pictures do the talking. I have selected some of my favourites from the Pure Evasion Facebook entry…have a look and let your worries evaporate, your mind wander, and let dreams evade reality.







All pictures copyright of the Pure Evasion Facebook page.


B23, Cyber Parc Hammam, Sousse 4011- Tunisia

Tel: +216 98 255 619


See the Facebook page for Pure Evasion @ https://www.facebook.com/PureEvasion

SOURCES: Facebook Newsroom, WordPress, ‘Chicha’ (page on Facebook), Pure Evasion.

5 thoughts on “PURE EVASION: A posh Tunisian travel agency; a myriad of serene holiday snaps

    1. Hi yepirategunn,
      Many thanks for liking my article. Even I would admit that Facebook is full of garbage nowadays, but there is some useful stuff (and photographic gems) to be found.

      – HalfEatenMind


  1. Editor’s Note: Upon a routine inspection it was discovered that three of the Pure Evasion photographs had gone missing, presumably due to broken links. These pictures have been replaced from the blog’s USB picture gallery. The order may have changed though. Amended 15 May 2013.


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