ANNOUNCEMENT: New wallpaper to celebrate Diwali

By Vijay Shah

As of today, the Half-Eaten Mind unveils a new background wallpaper to help get myself, the Brainiacs and all blog viewers into the mood for Diwali/Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights.

To celebrate this special occasion, I have chanced upon a really elegant GIF image from a stock photo website which encapsulates perfectly the beauty and light that emanates throughout Hindu homes the length and breadth of the world, during Diwali.

(c) Top Stock Photos

The animated picture shows some diyas, or Indian candles. In the scripture of the Ramayaan, such diyas (or divas) were used to light the way for Lord Raam (Rama) and his wife Sita back to their kingdom of Ayodhya, after a victory over the archdemon Ravan (Ravana). Since that day thousands of years ago, during Diwali, households light these divas to invite God’s blessings and luck upon their families.

There are two bowls of that sticky sweet and very delicious confection known as gulab jamun. Made from milk curd and syrup, the jamuns can be best described as a syrupy cross between fudge and cake, and are a popular treat during the festival. I would rank them as the king (or queen) of all Indian sweets.

For several months, the blog has had special commemorative wallpapers. We adopted the London 2012 logo for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games largely held here in Stratford, London from July to September 2012, and a ‘spooky-but-cute’ cartoon for the Hallowe’en season.

From me at the Half-Eaten Mind, I would like to wish you and your nearest-and-dearest a very happy Diwali and New Year (2069 in the Vikram Samvat era, 1934 for those using Saka era reckoning). May the festival of lights bring you much happiness and the next year one of prosperity, joy and new ventures.

Diwali this year will occur on the Tuesday 13th November.

……:::—+{{{@HAPPY DIWALI##SHUBH DIWALI@}}}+—:::…..

Deepana Dipitam Iti, Pa alnena Palitam,
Aayurdaayakam, Walnana Arjitam
Layayogena Iipsitam Iti Deepawali
Deepawali Prakashyeta Khalu Sarvam!!

दीपाना दिपितम आईटीआई, पा अल्नेना पलितम,
आयुर्दायाकम, वाल्नना अर्जितम
लययोगेना ईप्सितम आईटीआई दीपावली
दीपावली प्रकाश्येता खलु सर्वं!!

May the Deepawali (Diwali) take the humanity towards Eternal Light! This light is the physical light created by the earthen Lamp, for seeing around, where I do exist. May it lead me to Eternal flame and to provide me meaningful Long life, the higher Yoga of Supreme realization and grant me the boon of Spiritual illumination!


“The essense of Deepavali” – Sanskrit Voice LINK


“Happy Diwali greeting gif animated” – Top Stock Photos LINK

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