ANNOUNCEMENT: HalfEatenMind unveils theme wallpaper for Christmas 2012

By Vijay Shah

The festival of peace and goodwill to all men (and women) on Earth is just a couple of weeks away, and already nearly everyone is gearing up for the Christmas season. The stores are awash with fresh plastic trees, mince pies and all manner of various treats and presents for the loved ones. Houses and workplaces up and down the country are being bedecked in tinsel, lights and decorations as people collectively get into the festive spirit.

The first snows of December have already fallen here in Stratford, although sadly were early in the morning and did not stick around for long. The Christmas adverts on the television are already running at full pelt, and a few days ago I played witness to a Xmas episode of Futurama. Outside of the televised world I took receipt of a mug decorated with a London Underground map for a present at my workplace’s Secret Santa event. A small gift maybe, but at least I could thank my lucky Stars of Bethlehem it was not a garish red and green Christmas edition woolly jumper. That garment with the misshapen reindeer that you promise you will wear to the office party but inevitably will abandon to gather dust in the darkest corner of your wardrobe.

In cyberspace meanwhile, the Half-Eaten Mind’s site landlord WordPress is commemorating Christmas with tiny snowflakes falling from the toolbar over the webpage/dashboard, since the beginning of December (other bloggers will know what I mean).

But here we do not do things by halves. Once again, in the grand decorative tradition of the Half-Eaten Mind wallpaper, duly remembering that Christmas is about honouring the traditions of old; I showcase you the image that will form the blog background from today up until the New Year.

(c) via Tommy Writer

When I was a child, I enjoyed receiving Xmas cards and reading the messages contained within but also stopping to admire the pretty and mythologically enchanting scenes that appeared on the cover. Red-chested robins perched on mistletoe branches above thick snow, a pair of siblings with their sleds building a snowman, and the usual Saint Nicholas, reindeer, sleighs and other totems of the artists visualising a quaint, old-fashioned family Christmas in the northern hemisphere.

I found this image from the website of another blogger, Tommy Writer. Based on Google’s Blogger, a rival blogging network to WordPress (but I am sure they don’t mind), Tommy works as an entrepreneur in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

I chose this image precisely because it reminds me of those sweet little greetings cards. All the festive motifs are there: tonnes of freshly-fallen snow, the snow figure with his icy vacant expression graced with the traditional carrot for a nose, the spruce tree, a house lit by Yuletide candles… and this being an animated GIF image, the flashing lights and ‘disco snow’ – a theme reminiscent to me, of the fascination with the lights glowing around my family tree from my youth. Reds, whites, greens and oranges. All illuminating our humble Christmas tree in an aura of colour – instilling it as the epicentre of our otherwise fairly ordinary British family living-room. That had always helped in its own small way bring alive the Christmas spirit.

From me here at the Half-Eaten Mind, I wish my family, friends, supporters and all our Brainiacs a truly Merry Christmas 2012.


“Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐!” – TommyWriter | All about Tommy’s Discoveries LINK

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