SCRIBBLER CHRISTMAS QUIZ: Win £300 of personalised cards

By Vijay Shah

In one of the Half-Eaten Mind’s recent articles (read it here), I looked at the increasing popularity of personalised goods that you can design and order yourself from online (and physical ) retailers. Whether it is your nephew’s silly face on a stamp, or your next-door neighbour’s ‘ugly mug’ on a coffee mug, nearly any kind of treasured memory can be reproduced as a memento.

Nowhere has the trend of personalisation been more pronounced than in the industry of the greetings card. With easy and innovative options to create your own tailor-made cards for that extra special touch, it does not need a lot of effort to show that you have been really thinking of the special people in your life – a much more meaningful and human method of expression than plucking a random pre-designed generic card off a newsagent’s shelf and calling it a day.

Greeting cards on display at retail.
Greeting cards on display at retail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an industry usually associated with funky singing pigeons and flying pig’s heads zooming around deep space, there is a new face on the card scene: Scribbler.

Unlike the big players, Scribbler have been selling greetings card from their network of outlets in the U.K. for thirty years. The independently-owned company has made itself one of the country’s leading purveyors of quality celebratory products through its blend of fresh and unique design supplemented with edgy ‘slap-your-knees’ humour.

(c) Scribbler Holdings
(c) Scribbler Holdings

Scribbler have now branched out into the personalised cards industry with adaptable versions of their in-store designs. Their offerings are not for the faint-hearted with hundreds of pretty, witty and gritty cards suitable for a variety of occasions and purposes. The cards are illustrated with bright cheerful, yet not-over-the-top graphics from award-winning designers, many exclusive to Scribbler. For U.K. customers, postage is free and cards can be printed and posted on the same day if ordered by 2 pm. Scribbler also accept international payments, and are more than happy to deliver to addresses abroad.

In the run-up to the Christmas festive season, Scribbler have launched an online festivity-inspired quiz on their official blog, where a lucky winner will receive a very special Xmas gift – over £300 worth of personalised greeting cards. Enough to keep you busy up until Christmas 2013.

(c) Scribbler Holdings

The Scribbler Christmas Quiz is the perfect chance to find out whether you are a joyfully festive Xmas elf who is lapping up the mince pies and mulled wine or a Scrooge whose idea of Chrimbo cheer is leaving out a rusty sweets tin full of Bah Humbugs.

Simply answer ten funny questions on how you are going to mark the 12 days of Christmas and click the submit button to be entered into the prize draw to win a year’s supply of your own dream greetings cards.  If the top prize does not fire up your Yule log, you can still complete the quiz just for the fun of it without entering the draw.



Click here to enter……


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