HEAR ME ROAR: ‘Beast from the East’ scheduled to make London’s temperature plummet

Londoners have been warned to brace themselves for below-freezing temperatures and the first snows of the new year as an intense cold front from Siberia strikes British shores this coming week.  The front, nicknamed the ‘Beast from the East’ by the popular media, will originate from the Arctic regions of northern Russia and is expected to bring snow flurries, biting cold winds and possibly torrential rainfall to the length and breadth of the UK.

siberia_img (Photo credit: hobnob_malevolence)

Siberia: the extremely cold weather of the Russian tundra will soon be making an appearance in the U.K.

While London and much of the South-East is expected to escape the worst of the winter conditions, tomorrow (Monday) is predicted to start with thermometers registering -1 degrees Celsius, and temperatures will drop further as the week progresses. The colder weather have already shown its presence before the front’s arrival. Late night frosts were noted descending on parked cars in the Seven Kings area, 3 miles outside London, as reported by blogger Vijay Shah of the Half-Eaten Mind.

By this time next week (Sunday), temperatures in London will struggle to rise above -5 degrees Celsius while snowfall is predicted in the capital by this Thursday. Despite the dire weather predictions, commuters and daytrippers can look forward to sunny days with an average top temperature of 10 oC.

English: Gleann Beag Looking from Dun Troddan ...
English: Gleann Beag Looking from Dun Troddan Broch towards Dun Telve Broch (in the next square). This was a cold day with the mercury sitting at minus five degrees celsius in Gleann Beag, even at midday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much of the worst of the ‘Beast from the East’ weather front is predicted to hit northern Scotland in particular.

In spite of the 2012-13 winter being one of the mildest in recent history, Transport for London, which maintains the city’s buses and trains, has been on a state of high alert since last month. TfL bosses have promised to ‘work around the clock’ with borough councils to minimise disruption to transport networks following issues of mismanagement and lack of coordination in previous harsh winters.

Councils have put aside part of their budgets to buy grit sand to keep road traffic moving, while Londoners have been urged to keep a closer eye on elderly and vulnerable neighbours and to avoid unnecessary travel during snowy days.

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