By Vijay Shah

On our article dated May 2, 2013, I reported on the Half-Eaten Mind receiving the tasty Super Sweet Award from Pallak Sharma of the “The Be-All and End-All” blog. The blog has received additional approvals for the award by three bloggers who have lent an amazing amount of support to the blog as well being very good friends and comrades to me as I find my feet in the blogosphere.

Firstly, Ajaytao2010 of Mumbai offered the first return nomination of this gorgeous, lip-smacking blogger’s award. He writes:

Thank you so much for the Super Sweet Blogging Award my dear friends

Three dear friends have nominated me for this award

They are  Jill London   &   Patty   &   Vijay Shah  

Each of these blogger is Illuminating in his own way and is very sweet. 

Ajay’s post:

Secondly, Davinder of San Diego, USA – owner of the Luchanik Travel blog on holidays, family, foods and cruises in the tropical sun – nominated me as well. She writes:

I have been nominated by Vijay Shah for a really sweet award – for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.  Vijay is the writer of the blog – Half-Eaten Mind, and I really appreciate his sweetness in nominating me for my first ever award.   I also  nominate him for the award too, and he is my first nominee.   Vijay, thank you so much for your nomination.

Davinder’s post:

Lastly, but certainly not least, Kavita from Australia, a master photographer, frequent traveller to Asia and the Pacific and blogger of Talking Experiences, has also offered a sweet little nomination for Super Sweet. Here is what she had to say:

A very sweet gesture from my sweet blogger friend Vijay ( just after I posted another award from Jill. Vijay presents me with ‘Super Sweet Award’. He studied journalism & media  from UK and is a very talented blogger. Thanks a lot to Vijay to nominate me with this awesome award.

Kavita’s post:

Cupcake!!! (Photo credit: Ana_Fuji)

I would like to humbly extend the warmest of heartfelt thanks and love to all the above for their nominations. I really enjoy reading what you have to offer and I have an immense amount of respect for all of you. It is people like you that make blogging a sweet, delectable and fun experience and help make me feel proud while owing a lot to the loyal community that I have built up over the last year of operations.

Always keep blogging, keep sharing your tales, experiences and viewpoints, and especially, keep having fun. Each and every one of you makes the Internet a more interesting and human place.

All the best,



6 thoughts on “SUPER SWEET AWARD: A follow-up

  1. You are very welcome! I wish you all sweet things in May and even after. Thanks again, for nominating me.


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