By Vijay Shah

Regulars of the Half-Eaten Mind may remember two articles I published in March this year where I showcased a selection of photo montages and creations produced by my youngest sister using the online editing software piZap. Well today I decided to take the site for a spin myself and see what my creativity could manifest with piZap’s funky filters and stick-on graphics and text.

This is what I made…….



It only took me about 20 minutes to put this together, with a photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy S II while at a end-of-week visit to my mother’s house. I had taken some pictures of my niece, Shaniya, while she was messing around and pulling faces in her own inimitable style, and decided to use one as the basis of this creation. I did not really intend it to be anything, but it could make a good poster or book cover. Hell, it even reminds me of one of those rave flyers you get for garage music events at nightclubs. Shaniya does love a good track.

Nye-Nye is our nickname for her. It is a reduplication of the second syllable in her name. As the ‘crazy’ in the title suggests, Shaniya can be quite nuts. Chucky is her other nickname, in honour of a certain murderous doll with ginger hair that terrorised cinemagoers in the Eighties. Her naughty streak drives her parents round the bend, but really she means well, and is very sweet and polite. She is like a daughter to me in fact.

The photo I chose for this is perfect. Shaniya was doing her characteristic funny faces and moving her head from side to side at the same time, giving the photograph this insane and delirious motion blur, certainly adding to the crazy, off-your-rocker factor.

I uploaded the photo in its original state to the piZap console, added a “DJ” colour filter to reflect Shaniya’s colourful personality, and put the main title in deep pink, as pink is her favourite colour, while using shading behind the titles to give the image more perceptive depth (a 3-D feel if you like). I added some emoticons and a monster character from piZap’s bank of Cliparts, slapped on the obligatory copyright notice to put off any chancers from downloading and claiming this image as their own, and voila!!…it’s the Crazy Nye-Nye poster, featuring the toddler of your nightmares.

I have an artistic nous and a small amount of experience with design and photo manipulation (i.e. the Adobe programmes Dreamweaver and Photoshop) but had not touched such programs in a while, so I was quite surprised…and impressed with what I turned out here. piZap is quite easy to use if you have at least some comfort with computers and design packages…and I have been years out of the design game. Some of the stuff it has is a bit ‘girly’ and more suited to pre-teens, but that does not detract from piZap’s fun and user-friendliness. I certainly enjoyed it.

You can find Anjali’s piZap intepretations below – check them out to see other ways of using this incredible site:

ANJALI’S PICS: Family photo showcase

ANJALI’S PICS 2: More family photos from the Princess of piZap


6 thoughts on “PHOTO MOMENT: Crazy Nye-Nye

  1. Haha Vijay! Glad to see you had a try at Pizap 😀 and had a go at the qualities they serve That picture is funny ;P


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