SHINE ON AWARD: Our second nomination

By Vijay Shah

Once again, the Half-Eaten Mind’s great and wonderful blogging community have bestowed upon us a nomination for an award. We have been nominated for a second time for the “Shine On Award”. I would like to offer my deepest thanks and humblest appreciation to Kavita Joshi of the Talking Experiences blog, who has been a great supporter with her comments and kind words.

Reproduced courtesy K. Joshi/Talking Experiences.

In Ms. Joshi’s own words, the Shine On Award nomination was awarded to me (towards the end of May), in recognition of ” your efforts in sharing all these beautiful posts with us “. For Kavita and for all of you, I consider it an honour and a blessing to use my God-given abilities to provide you all with your weekly hit of hard news and human interests stories, as well as fun blogposts, and in turn appreciate the interest, likes and comments we have received from the HEM community of fellow bloggers as well as my supporters in my ‘real-life’ world and from some of the visitors who arrive at our blog via search engines and the like. 

As part of the spirit of generosity and mutual recognition of the positive and endearing qualities of blogging, I will mention seven facts about myself, and nominate seven lucky bloggers and supporters who have helped support me on my journey and have enjoyed picking at my chewed-up brains.

You can view Kavita Joshi’s nomination article here:

Shine On Kavita With The….SHINE ON AWARD !!!

But now we must get technical, so here are the rules, reproduced courtesy of Kavita :-


1. You must thank the person who has given you the award.

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link person who nominated you for the award.

4. State seven things about me.

(C) Co. Ltd.


1. I was the first person in my school to achieve an A* grade in GCSE Geography. I was a student at Lister Community School in Plaistow, east London – which is one of the toughest and roughest parts of the UK’s capital, and did not come from a typical educated middle-class background where this sort of achievement is the norm. For those not familiar with the British education system, A* is the highest grading you can get in GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) which are exams that all 15-16 year olds take at the final two years of secondary (high) school.

2. My niece Shaniya knows how to do the horse-riding dance from the video ‘Gangnam Style’ – the hit track from South Korean rap star/singer Psy.

3. There is this fox that occasionally challenges me to a sort of staring contest on Friday nights when I am having my last cigarette and tea before bed. He/she just stares intensely from the front garden of the religious printing press right across the road from my house, and then as soon as I look somewhere, he/she vanishes half the time. Creepy.

4. I am a good record-keeper and very methodical at it. Sometimes I can be a bit too ‘OCD’ about it though. 

5. I can make two different types of tea.

6. I can make people laugh at social gatherings, even though normally I am quite shy and not the best at socialising.

7. I have become addicted to tiramisu, the Italian dessert.


My seven nominations are:

1. Anjali (my youngest sister) – she does not have a blog but she has been one of my firmest supporters and always make me crack up with her crazy laugh and the fact she is a Belieber (hurr hurr hurr! 😉 )

2. Alia (my older younger sister) – she has also been a great supporter in both my blog and my life in general. Her daughter and my niece, Shaniya, has provided some inspiration for an article or two. Alia is a renowned cook (her mince curry and banoffee pie are heavens on plates) and she is the life and soul of any party. She also thoroughly deserves this award.

3. Annie Orrill (Theo’s World)

4. GoethalsArt (

5. Sreejit Poole (The Seeker’s Dungeon)

6. Barbara Stanley (Common Sense in an Uncommon World)

7. Kyle Bedard (WritingOutLoud)

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“Shine On Kavita With The….SHINE ON AWARD !!!” – Kavita Joshi, Talking Experiences (28 May 2013) LINK
“Thank You” – LINK

16 thoughts on “SHINE ON AWARD: Our second nomination

    1. Loools..there’s that characteristic laugh again, can’t miss that…and once again, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart 😀
      xxxxxx ❤ xxxxxx

      – HalfEatenMind


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