FATHER’S DAY: The Scribbler ‘Man Chair’

As every man knows, it is a tough and hectic world out there. So after a long day’s work (or an even longer pub crawl), chasing after the kids and keeping on top of a thousand things DIY-related, it is just pure manly heaven to be able to retire to your own little sanctuary. An escape from the trials and travesties of life. A special private zone where you can revel in your masculinity and have some badly-needed bloke time. Want to watch the footie without the wife complaining. Go ahead. Want to finish off that last six-pack of cold lager. Knock yourself out. Need to scratch an itch in an unmentionable place. Who’s stopping you!.

Us guys have had the man-room, the man-lounge and even the ‘man-cave’. Now personalised card company Scribbler have come up with the latest reincarnation of the man-space, just in time for Father’s Day on the 16th June. Introducing the Man Chair

(c) Scribbler Holdings

This Father’s Day, instead of buying your dad that shirt with the shocking pink stripes that he will only wear once under pain of death  and then ‘forget’ at the bottom of his wardrobe….or that cologne with an aroma so powerful it could sedate anyone within a 10-mile radius, why not gift him his own chair complete with male-friendly knick-knacks. A place where he can sit all day, interruption-free, with everything he could ever desire just an arm’s stretch away. Somewhere he can escape from the real world, a homemade slice of paradise, right there in his living room, study or garden shed. He and he alone is allowed to sit in his man chair. It’s his sanctuary; a child-free, woman-free, rule-free zone, complete with everything he could ever need or want.

Here’s a humourous video showing the birth of  the Man Chair (Contains some mild comical sexual references).

Like any great idea (or sportscar), the Man Chair can be as individual as the Man himself. So with Father’s Day just around the corner, Scribbler wants to know what kind of Man Chair you will be gifting Pops. Perhaps you want to throw in a mannequin hand, so Dad can keep the flies off his kebab. Or emergency snack drops by remote-controlled helicopter. Or a sofa with side pockets to stash the TV remote or phone for when the ‘old man’ needs to handle those all-important calls to his rugby mates…or get away from those annoying ad breaks at half-time.

Just send in your ideas for the perfect Man Chair to Scribbler and the funniest – or rudest – ideas will be selected for a special mention on Scribbler’s blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can share your ideas on:

1. The Scribbler Blog (you can leave a comment under the article) : http://www.scribbler.com/blog/2013/06/04/introducing-the-man-chair/

2. Tweet them using the handle @scribblercards with the hashtag #mydadsmanchair (click on the handle link in this sentence and you can tweet with the hashtag automatically – or visit the Scribbler Twitter account and tweet them from there).

3. Or leave your Man Chair comments on the Scribbler Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/scribblercardsUK

Scribbler are also offering a 10% discount on purchases of cards on the site for Father’s Day. Just type in the code “MYDADDY10” and you’re good to go. Daddy will be a very happy man.

Now it’s just a question of squeezing in a widescreen telly in the lounge and filling up the fridge with a few cold ones.

15 thoughts on “FATHER’S DAY: The Scribbler ‘Man Chair’

  1. Haha Vijay what a great blog , btw im on Scribbler.com , do you have to pay by card via the internet? How do you purchase the cards? Just wondering 🙂


    1. Thanks sis, about Scribbler. I have no idea. I haven’t used their services as of yet. Usually you have to have an account and pay via card.
      I’ll try and have a look later and let you know. xxxx

      – HalfEatenMind


  2. EDITOR’S NOTE: Information on discount for readers on Scribbler Father’s Day cards has been added to article (Amended 10 June 2013). Many thanks to Annie Hopkins of Browser Media for supplying links and background information. VS.


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