INNER PEACE AWARD: Half-Eaten Mind’s first award this June

Vijay Shah

The Half-Eaten Mind is pleased to announce that I and the blog have been nominated for the Inner Peace Award by Mumbai-based blogger and photographer Ajay of the blog “Ajaytao 2010“. After a monumental influx of nominations from avid readers and supporters last month, things have quieted down since then, until Ajay’s surprise nomination which I collected via my Outlook inbox this Sunday (16/06/13) afternoon.

Before we go into further detail, I would like to humbly and graciously extend my deepest thanks to Ajay for thinking of me and offering the Inner Peace Award.

(c) Ajaytao 2010/original artist
(c) Ajaytao 2010/original artist

Here is a short summary of what ‘Inner Peace’ means personally to me…

Inner peace for me is feeling calm on the inside. My head is clear and there is a notable absence of those nagging worries and stresses that often plague my over-analytical, busy and highly energised mind (the original Half-Eaten Mind, if you will). The calmness runs up and down my spine in a sensuous way, not like being frightened but like when someone is giving you a deep but gentle back massage.

I feel all right with the world, and nothing can faze me. Inner peace is silence in a secluded natural spot, like in a field with a few cows or sheep grazing at a distance or in a park where there is not too many people around.

Inner peace is knowing that everyone is fine with me and there are no arguments or tension. I genuinely hate arguments or social discord and am very sensitive to ‘bad vibrations’.

Inner peace is having some quality time to myself or engaging in religious activities and communing with God. But on a everyday base level, this peace can even be awakened through just sitting in my room, reading a book and becoming absorbed between its papery lines.

Sacred Geometry / Torus / Inner Peace
Sacred Geometry / Torus / Inner Peace (Photo credit: Sarjana Sky)

Here is how Ajay has defined his own interpretation of that hardest to find of all modes of peace…

everyone of us is born with a beautiful soul as innocent as a flower, a bird, and through our whole life we struggle through our ambitions and desires, ultimately finding that nothing is worth enough but the journey within, where lies the everlasting peace. We all abide by that ultimate rule from our birth but somehow tend to forget that and get lost in worldly desires….

Unlike the other blogging awards we have been nominated for earlier on, the Inner Peace Award, just like the enveloping nature of peace itself, has few rules and restrictions. From what I gather, there is no need to directly nominate other bloggers; you can just help yourself. The one rule is that if you do accept the award and give it to another master or ma’am of the blogging arts, you must share some kind words of inner peace with her or him.

If you want to accept this award, then let me know and I will nominate you here and offer you some choice sweet words of peace. It is not normally my speciality, but I will try my best to pen some words of peaceful kindness.

You can read Ajay’s article at this link :-

A Bouquet of Special Awards – 3 Nominations

Thanks for reading, and may you always have eternal peaceful bliss deep within your heart….

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