PHOTO MOMENT: My Twitter images from this week

Vijay Shah

I have been a very happy bunny this week. I have booked two weeks worth of annual leave from work to recharge my batteries and get away from the corporate stresses and strains, as well as a chance to catch up on some housework and badly needed ‘me time’. So far I have spent a lot of my time off relaxing. I recently headed down to the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford to buy clothes (I was running short on vests!! :/ ). I have helped my sister with her child psychology course…and tomorrow I have to get up early as I and some friends are heading to Thorpe Park by car. So this week has been quiet, busy and crazy so far. Not including the lost hours playing Candy Crush and Criminal Case on my Facebook, or watching James Bond films.

Having this time off means I can work on my blog. During these kinds of holidays, I aim to release a post on the Half-Eaten Mind once every two days, instead of once/twice per weekend under normal working conditions.  Today I thought I would share with you some of the pictures I have posted on my personal Twitter account. I have been a Tweep only since September last year, but only recently realised how easy it is to post pictures along with a tweet. Well I can be a bit slow off the mark sometimes. At first I have been posting my own taken photographs directly from my smartphone. I usually do this to share any appealing photographs I have taken of landscapes or buildings, as well as images that have some significance to me, or help me tell the story of my life.

Nowadays in addition to that, I have been pulling images from Facebook. I save them in a designated folder on the laptop and then upload them as links on Twitter. It’s incredibly easy. When you compose a new tweet, you just click on the camera icon underneath the space where the tweet is to be written. A window will appear where you choose the image you want, upload, and hey presto. It’s sorted. Easy as that. It can do wonders for your Twitter popularity among your followers. Even the news media accounts I follow do this. Photojournalists, not surprisingly, are heavily reliant on this of media dissemination. I also upload these pictures though to give an insight into my personality. What makes me shocked, what makes me laugh, what makes me ‘me’. I can also appreciate the beauty of an image and I strongly wish to share that with my followers, and now I want to share them with all of you.

Below are the images I have tweeted since I started doing this, along with a reproduction of the accompanying tweet for contextual purposes. If you want to see more, and there will be plenty more, you can follow me on this handle @VShah1984

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!! 🙂

(7 Jul) Mauritius flag badge
(7 Jul) Flag pins Mauritius England – celebrating my dual heritage.
(7 Jul) The ‘About’ page of the Half-Eaten Mind blog – old design @halfeatenmind
(7 Jul) Floods in Port Louis in March 2013 – In remembrance to the 11 who didn’t make it.
(8 Jul) Well it’s not quite Wednesday yet but you get my drift…
(8 Jul) A puppy encounters a praying mantis (Time to say “aaawwww”) @AnjiShah
(9 Jul) Awarded to Arjun for spending every hour of every day capping zombies on Call of Duty….
(9 Jul) Rehabilitating inner city gangsters? #nurseryrhymes #gangsters #futureperfect
(9 Jul) #opticalillusion #advertising #van #car #itsatrap
(9 Jul) Don’t make any ‘bomb on board’ jokes!
(9 Jul) A sunny view – the ArcelorMittal hookah pipe and Stratford’s Olympic Stadium @ArcelorMittal #E20 #stratford #skyline
(9 Jul) Ram-Sita…Jai Shri Ram!
(9 Jul) A funny way to disguise a juggernaut-level prang on your vehicle. Just be sure to use waterproof marker!
(9 Jul) I Sverige katter ges gratis inträde till nattklubbar.
(9 Jul) I’m actually trying to shift the beer gut…but still…
(10 Jul) Laziness…it’s not just a skill, It’s an art
(10 Jul) Life…. #life #changes #facebook
(10 Jul) The Cat and Lord Buddha. #buddha #nirvana #pets #innerpeace
(10 Jul) Now where did I park my Maserati?
(11 Jul) Jai Shri Hanumanji…
(11 Jul) …and thy shall wrapped in thine offending bubble wrap and fed to the flames. #hell #BubbleWrap #Annoying
(20h) Jai Sri Ganesh.
(20h) The downside of the British summer, as expertly explained by our special guest from the Hangover movies. #Summer

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10 thoughts on “PHOTO MOMENT: My Twitter images from this week

  1. Hey, HEM… I have nominated you (given you) blogging awards. Claim your awards on my blog, please. Just check my most recent post. Thanks!


    1. Hi Lorraine,

      Thank you for nominating me…I will shortly take a look and do an article myself today especially on this.
      Once again, thanks very much 🙂

      – HalfEatenMind


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