A BUNCH OF AWARDS: Ajay’s precious gift

Vijay Shah

It has been a while since we had one of these. Once again East London’s favourite blue-fronted blog of news and views gets a delectable selection of awards from Ajay, our Man in Mumbai. This is the second or third successive awards nomination from the legend behind the highly-regarded Ajaytao 2010 photography blog, which has recently reached the enviable milestone of 150,000 blog likes. I have recently being viewing Ajay’s posts via his ever-busy Twitter feed and at precisely 9:00 pm BST on the 15th August 2013, I received Ajay’s standard award nomination message. This certainly made my night great. The exhilaration was enough to roast more than a few synapses here at the Half-Eaten Mind headquarters located in a quiet corner of Plaistow.

Ajay himself received a bunch of nominations from another established blogger, Tazein Mirza Saad. Altogether he has received thirteen (13) blogging award nominations from Tazein, including duplicate nominations, and has permitted me to choose three of the eight individual awards. Some awards I have already accepted previously, whilst others have familiar names but different formats. In any case, and without much further ado…here are the three awards I have graciously accepted.

1. The Most Influential Blogger award

Most Influential Blogger - August 2013

2. The Versatile Blogger Award



3. Awesome Blog Content (ABC) award


Awesome Blog Content Award - August 2013

On behalf of the Half-Eaten Mind and its legions of brain-hungry zombies, friends, family, supporters, and hot schmexy lovers, I would like to extend a million thanks towards Ajay for his kind gift. He is a decent soul and a kindheart who has a keen eye for exhilarating photography and a real appreciation of the natural and physical beauty that surrounds us all.

Normally blogging awards come with a few rules regarding displaying, commenting and sharing the award, but Ajay has suspended the rules this time round. In my case, I will be following Ajay’s lead, BUT am also including this proviso – anyone is welcome to help themselves to the above awards. In return I ask that you say that you got the awards from myself, Vijay and the blog. Or at the very least just a simple linkback to the blog should suffice. I am not in it for the glory 🙂

As this is a happy occasion and I feel great, here’s a video plucked off YouTube. It’s the song “Walking on Sunshine” by Eighties girl band Katrina & The Waves. Fair enough it’s not a tune anyone would admit to liking, not publicly anyway, but this song, apart from being nostalgic, sums up exactly just how much I feel like moonwalking down solar rays. Enjoy! Shake a leg!

You can see Ajay’s original article here at this link:

A Bunch of Awards – 13 Nominations

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