THREE NEW AWARDS: HEM receives a new set of accolades from Ajaytao2010

Vijay Shah

This month just gets better and better on the awards front. Our good friend, photography blogger Ajay of “Ajaytao 2010”, has recently picked up an astonishing THIRTY nominations spread over fifteen different awards variants. Clearly Ajay has made an impact far beyond his humble home in far-off Mumbai, India, and has touched the hearts of a huge swathe of the blogging world. I have certainly felt the ripples of that impact over 4,000 miles here in London, United Kingdom – something that has been made totally achievable and possible by the all-encompassing arc of the Information Superhighway.


Choosing from Ajay’s impressive haul of lovely award treats is just like the days of my childhood picking out sweets from the pick and mix selection at Woolworth’s (British readers will remember that high-street store fondly). Including the usual well-known favourites, Ajay has also picked up a few new kids on the block, of which I have been permitted to choose three of my own to add to my rapidly lengthening awards page.

Ajay has not indicated any rules to follow for myself. As for moi, again if you are a blogger reading this article, you can claim these awards without any rules too. All I do ask is that you can possibly (at the very least) link back to this article, or the home page of the Half-Eaten Mind.

I would like to take this golden opportunity to once again thank Ajay for including me as a recipient in his nominations. 

ભગવાન તમને એક સો હજાર વખત આશિર્વાદ શકે!

भगवान तुम एक लाख बार आशीर्वाद दे!

Ajay’s 30 Nominations can be witnessed in all their glory here:

Super Bunch of Awards – 30 Nominations


Here are the three latest awards:

The Reader Appreciation Award (first issued in 2011)












The Semper Fidelis award (designed by “Just Patty”)












“Because You’re Fantabulous” award















“Super Bunch of Awards – 30 Nominations” – Ajay, Ajaytao 2010 (24 August 2013) LINK
WordPress emails (Ajay’s profile pic; Gravatar)
“Taj Hotel in Mumbai” – LINK

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