PHOTO MOMENT: My 29th birthday

You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.
–  Bob Hope

Vijay Shah

So yesterday, the 4th of October, 2013, was my birthday. That day marked the 29th year of my arrival here on planet Earth. I usually don’t make such a big deal about my birthday, but this one was special, depending on which way you look at it. It is the last year I can consider myself a “twenty-something”. That final twelve months of my 20s where I can still be a bit cool and down with the youngers. Where I can get away with still being a bit childish, although really I am more mature than a lot of late twenty-somethings. That last year where I don’t feel so geriatric that I can start smelling mothballs and feeling the warm snugness of a pair of incontinence pants. Where I can feel contemporary and up-to-minute, and not start bleating about the ‘good old days’…actually scratch that…I’ve already started bleating like an old goat about them. I can look in the mirror and still not be overly concerned about the white hairs appearing on my barnet or those slowly deepening worry lines. I’m still young, I’m still fly. I’ve still got it.

Well, I am also only one year from waving goodbye to my twenties forever. It will be soon time to buckle up and prepare for the big Three-Oh. The decade of responsibilities, family, children, running a house, working a fast-paced and respectable job. No more lounging about. Yep I’m getting old. Already my sister, who is only slightly more than three years younger than me, has dubbed me ‘granddad’ – and I feel embarrassed to mention my age now to people. Very scary.

Anyways, today I bring forth a special edition Photo Moment to mark my 29th birthday. All these photos come courtesy of my Twitter feed.


This is the greeting card I received from my colleagues and friends at the database research and integrity departments at my company offices at Maple House, on the Tottenham Court Road in Camden borough, London. Among my mates at work, I am notorious for my massive sweet tooth, so this card was very appropriate in a way. It’s made by a company called Fay’s Studio ( and has probably the most gorgeous and physically attractive doughnut I have ever seen revisualised in print. By the way, Informa is the company I work for. It’s a conglomerate with major interests in publishing, conferences, training courses, MBAs and many other technical things.

Twitter - VShah1984 A bottle of legit French 2013-10-05 14-39-14

In addition I got delivered (courtesy of Luiz)a couple of edible gifts too. A Belgian white chocolate and cherry sponge cake which was very delicious and has the most yummy buttercream topping. I have still about four slices leftover for lunch today. The other gift was this 75 cl. bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc from the Valle Central, bottled under the Isla Negra brand. Isla Negra is the name of the seaside village where the Sauvignon grapes for making this wine are harvested, and the wine bottle describes the product as having “aromas of grapefruit, lime and gooseberry” and is “perfect for drinking with seafood and salads”. I thought this was a beautiful and luxurious gift. 

I don’t drink that much in the way of alcohol nowadays, but I still like a tipple every now and then socially or when winding down. I’m not much of a wine connoisseur either. I got the wine’s nationality completely wrong on the picture above as well – although Sauvignon grapes are from France originally. Nevertheless I do appreciate a good vin blanc!

If getting the country wrong wasn’t bad enough, I also uploaded the photo to my Twitter account – from my phone’s image gallery – without bloody checking to see if the thing was upright first. As Homer Simpson,  that great rotund lover of doughnuts, would say “D’oh!!”. Still it’s a lovely enough photo, with good lighting that shows the body of the wine and contrasts it well with the metallic red fancy old gift bag. Very debonair. I will be looking forward to a few glasses of this Reserva with my chicken balti tonight. No seafood or salad in the fridge unfortunately.

Twitter - AnjiShah HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 THE BEST BIG 2013-10-05 15-02-59

This really cool and snazzy picture was drummed up by one of my sisters, who has already contributed some fine examples of her piZap-inspired artwork to the Half-Eaten Mind. She made a couple for my birthday. With this one, she used an old picture of me from I think, 2007. Sorry about the West Side gangster pose, I was fresh out of university, a bit young and silly. Respect!!! Thanks so much to Anjali for this crazy birthday pic. I can imagine this being one helluva greeting cards. Donuts, rap poses…it’s all berry berry good. I like the photo’s strong use of birthday decorations too.

Vijay Shah { विजय } (VShah1984) on Twitter 2013-10-05 16-31-33

This one was made with a far more recent picture, which was taken just after I was brought to the ground and mercilessly tickled by my family. My mum, three brothers, two sisters and one brother-in-law all jumped in (or watched from the sidelines) while my niece broke down in tears because she thought I was being beaten up for real. In honour of an old family birthday tradition, I was dragged to the centre of the living room carpet, tickled, punched and even sat on (sleep with one eye open, Ameerkat!! 😉 ). By the time I was set free I literally couldn’t breathe. I had to run to get a glass of Coke to get my energy back!.  Despite having five people fully assault me, I don’t look remotely like I was even pinched. Not a single (white) hair out of place. I got off lucky though. The original plan was to dash eggs on me. I managed to weasel my way out of that escapade. I didn’t fancy smelling like a cooking class gone wrong and having to shower again when I got home.

My 29th wasn’t the most eventful, but I still had much to enjoy. Sadly my family presents were ordered a bit late. so no pictures are available. What mattered though, was the love expressed to me by my nearest and dearest. No amount of presents could ever match that love and caring.


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16 thoughts on “PHOTO MOMENT: My 29th birthday

    1. Aaawww wittle sis I wuv you so so much lol!
      You’re very welcome, once again you have blown the collective minds of the HEM readers with your amazing graphical wizardry.
      Don’t worry about the delay, stuff happens. It’s the thought and love that counts.

      – HalfEatenMind


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