ANNOUNCEMENT: New blog header image

Vijay Shah

Makeovers can have unexpected consequences. A couple of years ago, the international clothing chain GAP decided to change its logo and adopt a streamlined sans-serif version as part of its branding revitalisation. The customer backlash against the company’s image change was so unexpectedly severe that Gap hurriedly switched back to its old emblem along with a profuse apology. Likewise when the company behind the cherished Yellow Pages business directories renamed itself “hibu”, people were left confused about what exactly the hell hibu actually meant, with the design team behind the name change recently admitting that they did not know what the word meant either. In the physical world, everyone knows what happens when celebrities with a bit too much money to burn decide to improve their looks with the help of plastic surgery. The “Bride of Wildenstein” is a perfect example of when the quest for bodily perfection spins out of control. In a world where appearances are everything and corporate image and branding are now positioned as one of the most important investments organisations make in themselves, mistakes cannot afford to be made.

Hopefully, the Half-Eaten Mind won’t be setting itself for such an image fail, as the blog now has a new header image, created using the image-editing software site piZap. The new header, which only took thirty minutes of production time early this morning – with a day of ‘planning’ before that, was officially installed within ten minutes of the final touches being added, and will serve as a more personalised and dynamic face for your favourite online news blog.

(c) V. Shah/HalfEatenMind/piZap
(c) V. Shah/HalfEatenMind/piZap

The new header retains the familiar imagery of the east London tower block at the break of dawn, but with some new additions. The blog’s name is rendered in bold Arial typeface as an attention-seeking device, along with the HEM slogan laid down in Times New Roman, a typeface popular among newspaper printers and publishers of academic literature, thus reflecting the aims of HEM to provide intelligent writing and news articles the mainstream media often overlook. For the first time, the blog’s unofficial mascot, Woodsy the forestry owl, moves on from representing the Half-Eaten Mind on Gravatar and the associated social networks to take pride of place in our revamped header, enabling a clear link between the site itself and our promotional social media accounts. In fact, some of our readers may remember the article we published a few months back on the header produced for my personal Twitter account (here!!) – this pic was also a piZap production and since the creation of a dedicated Twitter channel for the blog itself, is now a permanent fixture there (@halfeatenmind).

The old header worked due to its simplicity and clarity, but in all honesty resembled a “one-minute job”. The header title and subtitle had been retained after we moved from the WordPress branded Notepad to our current theme, Mystique, but the transition didn’t happen as smoothly, aesthetically speaking. I felt it looked gaudy and did not show the blog at its best. It looked like something your 10-year-old cousin spun out in his school’s ICT lesson. Using piZap’s proprietary software, I used hue, brightness and saturation settings to bring out the colour of the clouds and add more deeper resolution to the image as a whole.

The Autofix option on piZap helped accentuate the finer details of the building and the clouds, which were not so obvious in the previous incarnation. The colours are now brighter in this header, whereas the old one was muted and blurred. It was a tired format and needed an overhaul.

The new header has already been given the thumbs-up by Anjali, little sister, loyal supporter and frequent contributor to the Half-Eaten Mind.

Her verdict:

LOVE THE HEADER!! NICE WORK WITH PIZAP LOOL…..the effects of the writing made it look eye catching

As the Mystique theme which we use for the blog’s template allows options for adding a further supply of header images which can be used in rotation, there are plans in the pipelines for more designs which will reflect the aims and versatility in writing that the Half-Eaten Mind has come to offer. Watch this space.

V. Shah
Plaistow, London.
12th October 2013,


14 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: New blog header image

      1. Hi asterisk15,

        If your blog is new, it does take a while to start gathering large numbers of views and followers. For me anyway it is a little bit of luck and also a bit of hard work. If you publish regularly, you’ll soon start picking up new followers. As for views, it depends on the topic and how search engines index your posts. Some articles I have published barely get past a handful of views, but one wallpaper announcement I produced for the Diwali festive season got 800+views in ONE day. A good idea is to self-promote like mad. Put your blog out on social networks, and badger your friends, family and neighbours to come visit your blog. Not only are my family regular visitors, but they have even contributed as well.
        Hope this long-ass essay helps LOL 🙂

        – HalfEatenMind


      2. Lool thank you, I mean I’ve had my blog for four months, are there tips as to how I can expand my blog further?

        Because I’ve done everything else, like connect social networks and allowing search engines to index my blog, I just wondered if there are tips on how I can get more views and more followers 😊?


      3. Oh ok..unfortunately there is no quick-fix solution to gaining more views and followers. Photography is quite popular in the WordPress world, so you will catch the attention of a lot of photobloggers fairly quickly. I think it also depends on the topic you write/take pictures on as well. Inevitably some topics, like films and festivals, will get more views and interest than say, pictures of random stuff in your house.
        It does take time though…your photography is really good and you seem to have a healthy number of followers so far.
        One tip I can definitely give you though, is to comment and like other people’s blogs. They will pick up on that, and maybe 50%-75% will return the favour. I made quite a few loyal readers/friends that way.

        Hope this helps,



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