DECEMBER AWARD FEST: HEM nominated for 3 awards by Cupitonians

Vijay Shah

News just in.

The Half-Eaten Mind must have been a very good little blog this Christmas, as we have been nominated for a further three awards by Anju (a.k.a Cupitonians) of the delightfully zany and well-written diary-blog “This Labyrinth I Roam“. Residing in Bangalore, Karnataka, south India. Anju is working as a software/games tester and is also a frequent traveller, having visited the UK, Africa and all over her native country. Her blog is full of funny, witty and heartfelt articles, and she has one of the best methodologies in using images to illustrate her pieces I have ever seen.

Anju has nominated me for the following:

1. Dragon Loyalty Award

2. Versatile Blogger Award

3. Imagine Award 

As I have already accepted the first two awards from before, I will have to give them a miss but the Imagine Award nomination is a first time for the Half-Eaten Mind, and it is this one I wish to share with you all today.

(c) Jann M. via Cupitonians

Resembling an early throwback to those Eighties My Little Pony cartoons blended with a British children’s colouring book, the Imagine Award is more than just kiddy cuteness. It was created to recognise bloggers who have enriched the community through expressing their passion and dedication towards their blogs with their creativity – through words, pictures, videos, blog layout etc.

As part of the rules of accepting this award, I will list seven amazing things I know about Anju.

1. Her parents are social activists, so she has a kind and humane side.

2. She is witty, funny and I greatly admire her writing skills.

3. Her GIFS and static images are really cool. They have to be seen to be beleived.

4. She is Bangalorean. They’re a brainy lot, these Bangaloreans. They make very tasty fish curries. They make great IT workers. Even British companies wanna slice of the Bengaluru pie.

5. She calls her little sister ‘Princess Pea’. Very sweet. Most big and little sisters I’ve seen tend to be in a permanent state of sibling warfare.

6. She has been a part of the 30 Posts in 30 Days initiative. I have posted quite a few on Twitter. The devil makes easy work for idle hands.

7. Her blog has recently undergone a redesign, with a stamps and postmarks. As a stamp collector, I am very impressed.

The nominees for the Imagine award are:

1. superduque777  – Superduque

2. The Talking Violin – The Talking Violin

3. Pollux  – For Maureen, with Love

4. Ruben Demirjian – Rey de reyes

5. Kaligrafi Nusantara – Kaligrafi Nusantara


7. MsTranquility – BEING ME FROM A TO Z

8. Anjali (anjalishah123 ) – no blog, but an amazing sister 🙂

Congrats to all the lucky nominees and to Anju, a big heartfelt thanks!!! :). You can find the original Cupitonians nomination article under “Sources/Image Credits below the mad clapping girl.

(c) PandaWhale
“Rewarded” – Anju Lavina, This Labyrinth I Roam (15 December 2013) LINK
“Thank You gifs” – Adam Rifkin, PandaWhale (1 April 2013) LINK

29 thoughts on “DECEMBER AWARD FEST: HEM nominated for 3 awards by Cupitonians

  1. Thank you very much! I don’t know what’s wrong with my browser but I just can’t press the like button on anything here on WordPress. Good luck everyone! 😀


  2. ヽ(´▽`)/…YAY…ヽ(´▽`)/ Congratulations, my friend! Perhaps you should reserve a special spot under your Christmas tree so that Santa knows exactly where to place his gift for you!

    Cheers!! 😀


      1. Thank you so much, my friend! Your lovely blog is truly well-deserved for this nomination…hehhe…

        Have a wonderful day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀


    1. Namaste Ajaybhai
      It is nice to hear from you again after some time. Above all I wholeheartedly thank you for nominating me for four different awards, and the fact that I can choose from a selection is even more pleasing. I will write an article for your nominations this Sunday hopefully.

      Once again thanks very much.

      – HalfEatenMind


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