PHOTO MOMENT: Upgraded HEM wallpapers by Alex

Vijay Shah (writer)

Alex Smithson (image creator & contributor)

Three days ago (21 December 2013), the Half-Eaten Mind wrote a special Photo Moment illustrating one of a pair of specially-made iPad wallpapers produced by fellow blogger Alex Smithson. Alex is owner and photographer-in-residence of his blog “Photography – Nature. We had it published here: PHOTO MOMENT: HEM wallpaper by Alex Smithson

Alex decided to head back to the drawing board and re-work the original wallpapers . His latest versions incorporate some new elements while remaining faithful to the old design. Again two versions of the wallpaper were produced to the specifications of both the new and previous versions of the iPad Mini – and created using the same imaging software package (GIMP), but this time Alex has included a small added bonus.

(c) A. Smithson – special commission

The same typeface has been retained but in addition to the blog’s name, Alex has also visually reinterpreted our official strapline “News and views from a partially digested brain” in smaller font size directly underneath the main textual portion of the design. The Christmassy red and green blended colours of HEM Wallpaper v1.0 have been reconfigured into a coppery terracotta brown that slowly gives way to a leafy green. Alex based his choice of colours on the HEM mascot Woodsy the Owl.

(c) USEPA via Retronaut
(c) USEPA via Retronaut

The tagline included with the blog’s name was apparently slightly difficult to fit in properly, but with some stretching Alex was very successful in taming our admittedly mouthy slogan and accommodating it into a visually pleasing layout.

I plan to use Alex’s wallpaper as the blog’s default background in mid-January 2014, if the theme enables it. I feel that it would give the blog a more interesting, dynamic and technical aura without being too much of a distraction unlike the advertising ‘sleeves’ and banners used by many more established news outlets. If the blog theme does not accept the wallpaper, then I may well put it to use on the Half-Eaten Mind Twitter account or possibly as a wallpaper for my tablet (though it’s a generic Android tab and not a iPad Mini – Alex, don’t kill me!!).

Thanks for viewing and a big heartfelt thanks and Merry Christmas to Alex for these wonderful cyber-presents.


“1970s Woodsy Owl Posters and EPA Propaganda” – Retronaut, Timescape LINK

16 thoughts on “PHOTO MOMENT: Upgraded HEM wallpapers by Alex

  1. Thank you so much for the mention Vijay, I really appreciated the kind gesture :-)!!!

    That message you put in brackets made me laugh, though the wallpaper (s) are big, they’ll most likely fit as a wallpaper on your Android tablet, but that comment was funny and bought a smile to my face.

    Thank you for wishing me a Happy Christmas Vijay, I really appreciated the thought :-)!!!

    Happy Christmas to you too Vijay :-)!!!

    -Photography | Nature


    1. You’re welcome Alex.
      That is a relief to know….they would actually look great on the tablet I think. But first I’ll give them a test run on the blog background and see how that works.


  2. I have also re-blogged this blog post and left a surprise message on your Directories & Awards page, again have a fantastic and cheerful Happy Christmas!!! I’ll continue to post more on my blog over 2014 🙂

    -Photography | Nature


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