PHOTO MOMENT: Anjali’s Christmas photomontage

Vijay Shah (writer)

Anjali Shah (image artist/contributor)

This Boxing Day Photo Moment special is brought to you in collaboration with my youngest sister Anjali, who has produced this magnificent photo montage of our family Christmas decorations, using photos I took recently for the article PHOTO MOMENT: Mum’s Christmas decorations for 2013. She has also included some of her own photographic viewpoints of my mother’s Christmas wonderland. The decorations at Anjali’s family home are a heady combination of both traditional and cutting-edge modern components from Santas in those familiar red costumes to glowing LED reindeer.

Anjali has produced a number of images using the photo-editing suite piZap as a side hobby, including many works selected and/or commissioned for the Half-Eaten Mind. Many of her current productions are of her favourite wrestlers from the WWE franchise, which enjoys a long history of following in my family, myself included.

(c) A. Shah (with some images courtesy of V. Shah)
(c) A. Shah (with some images courtesy of V. Shah)


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