(c) @Ms0dn via @sari1415

The above picture depicts a baby deer or calf, along with a slogan in Arabic. I am not sure exactly what species this little baby belongs to, but assume it may be an Arabian oryx. It was originally created by an Arab Twitter user named @Ms0dn and was shared on the account of Sari (@sari1415) and retweeted by “Discussion”, a Kuwait-based individual who follows me on my personal account. The picture was accompanied with a sentence which roughly translated says “Look at those eyes, Awwwwwwww!

Deer and gazelle young are renowned for their soft doe-eyed expressions and for being a perfect example of the kinder and gentler side of nature. Their innocent expression and ungainly style of walking have endeared them to countless wildlife photographers and children. Most people are aware of the adventures of the little deer Bambi in the eponymous Disney cartoon. They often stay close to their mothers for many months after birth as their vulnerability makes them an easy target for opportunistic predators such as lionesses and cheetahs.





Vijay Shah { विजय } on Twitter LINK
الخواطر (Discussion) on Twitter LINK
“Sari” on Twitter LINK


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