PHOTO MOMENT: New HEM wallpapers for 2014 by Alex

with Alex Smithson (image designer & contributor)

To celebrate the New Year and as part of a massive redesigning of his blog, my good friend Alex has produced the latest in a series of wallpapers especially developed for the Half-Eaten Mind. Alex recently has rejigged and renamed his blog to start a new blogging experience afresh in 2014. Formerly known as “Photography-Nature”, the blog has now be unveiled under the new title “Mother Nature” as Alex places greater emphasis on his notable skills as a nature/wildlife and city-scene photographer, as well as developing his proficiency and interests in technology. The new blog also has been kitted out with a revolutionary new theme from WordPress. Dubbed Twenty Fourteen, it is now a permanent feature of the blogging platform’s package of free and premium themes made available to bloggers and site administrators.

This January, Alex has made two pairs of wallpapers using open-source image rendering software freely available for download. Their colour schemes are influenced by the HEM mascot, Woodsy the Owl, and draw on a retro, funky motif. For each of the pairs, one wallpaper is rendered at standard definition and one has been released as hi-def. These wallpapers are suitable for use on tablets like the iPad, but also have other applications such as backgrounds for the blog or associated social media accounts. The second wallpaper is a enhanced detail of the blog name and slogan in the first.

On technology, Alex enjoys blogging and experimenting with different themes and browsers, as well as imagery work. He is very keen on finding out about the latest announced tech products coming up on the market. He also uses technology widely for post-production in his photographing hobby, producing video compilations of his pictures (taken with a High-Definition 16.1 MegaPixel camera – 10x zoom) and making them available for public consumption via YouTube uploads.

Visit Alex’s blog at this link.

Special commission for the Half-Eaten Mind (c) A. Smithson
Special commission for the Half-Eaten Mind (c) A. Smithson

New HalfEatenMind Wallpaper – Uses the mascot colours of Woodsy the Owl 

New for 2014, I wanted to be sure your blog and profile picture for all networks got the 2014 treatment, so I created these late this morning as I used the mascot colours from Woodsy the Owl. – Alex

Alex Smithson on Google + LINK
“ABOUT ME” – Alex Smithson, Mother Nature LINK


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11 thoughts on “PHOTO MOMENT: New HEM wallpapers for 2014 by Alex

    1. Hi Maureen,

      Thank you so much. They are certainly a good match. I chose Woodsy as he reminded me of the greatness of kids’ cartoon and emblems of the 1970s. It’s been a much changed world since then.



    1. Alex, thanks so much for the reblog. I really appreciate it too 🙂
      …and the promo caption is especially complimentary, a finely tuned and succinct description. Many thanks.



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