JANUARY AWARDS: Mid-month giveaway

The Half-Eaten Mind has been nominated for another two awards this past week. From Irene at irenedesign2011, we have received the Blog of the Year 2013 and from Eva at Destino arrives a nomination for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. As we have already accepted these two awards, we will not be able to accept them again but nevertheless have decided to pass them onto five lucky nominees, as the nature of these awards is all about sharing and caring. All nominees will receive one star of the BOTY 2013 plus a Dragon’s Loyalty standard nomination. This time I will not be following the rules for these awards as this has already been covered in earlier awards posts, but the nominees are free to follow the rules if they so choose. All nominees are recent additions to the HEM Community, so this is a sort of welcoming gift.

Our five nominees are :-

1. http://voicelessinamerica.wordpress.com/

2. http://thetalkingviolin.com/

3. http://marinakanavaki.com/

4. http://rabirius.wordpress.com/

5. http://wildninjablog.com/

Congratulations to all the nominees and well done!!

You can view the orginal nomination articles right down below – 

All 6 Stars in The Blog of The Year 2013 – thanks Don Charisma (irenedesign2011)

Dragon’s Loyalty Award (Destino)

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