BLOGROLL: Remembering a defunct HEM page

As I gradually added to and improved the Half-Eaten Mind, I created a blogroll page which had links to bloggers who followed me here on WordPress. However as time went on and more followers were picked up, it began becoming a bit of an ordeal constantly updating the page. Then a new widget appeared for the theme I am currently using (Mystique) which display the HEM community’s individual avatars on rotation, so from then on the “Blogroll” became redundant.

I’ve just created a new “Useful Sites” page, and as they say ‘out with the old, in with the new’. The Half-Eaten Mind needed to shift some dead grey matter and as of now the Blogroll page is being decommissioned. Being somewhat nostalgic, I decided to make a blogpost with the text the page carried before I pull the page offline, as part of the blog’s refitting for 2014.

(c) V. Shah
(c) V. Shah

A screenshot of the Blogroll page just before it was taken down. Ignore the banner ads. The Firefox browser this shot was acquired has a bad case of malware which has cause the browser window to break out in attractive Russian girls.


A compelling and fascinating list of bloggers recommended by the Half-Eaten Mind.

This page is dedicated to the blogs of fellow bloggers, artists, writers and photographers who have supported or captivated the Half-Eaten Mind. I personally would like to thank each and every one of the people listed here, for their support, entertainment and education in all matters great and small….

Vijay Shah

– HalfEatenMind

PLEASE NOTE that the author is not responsible for the content of sites featured below, and absolves himself of all liability for any offence or injury caused in relation to viewing and/or usage of any of the featured blogs.

1. GnTstyle (G n’T style)

2. cupitonians (This Labyrinth I Roam!)

3. carissalwerner (Carissa L. Werner)

4. liamodell1 (The Life of a Thinker)

5. talin401 (Talin Orfali)

6. Raj (Raj Mehta’s Blog)

7. Silk Road Collector (silkroadcollector)

8. Russell Deasley (The World’s Top 10 of Everything and Anything!!!)

9. Ironic Maiden (BhayanaKBot)

10. Bogdan Marius Beleuz (Trade News in Brief)

11. luchaniktravel (Luchanik Travel & Cruises)

12. agadir excursions (Sud Aventures Tours)

13. robertkcooper (Robert Cooper)

14. Tourism Oxford (Tourism Oxford)

15. AnaLuciaSilva (1001 Scribbles~ Random and Abstract Lines)

16. jordanr91 (Tech Filled Fantasy)

17. Patrick Latter (Canadian Hiking Photography)

18. pregoandtheloon (Prego and the Loon)

19. The Political Idealist (The Political Idealist)

20. Ross Ramsey (restaurantbastards)

21. Daniel Abram (Proficiency Paradigms)

22. yerpirate (Tea with a Pirate, formerly Managua Gunn)

23. Brian Westbye (Brian Westbye)

24. SoHoJay (SoHoJay)

25. bunnyandporkbelly (BunnyAndPorkBelly)

26. albertomonnarmusic (Official Website of Alberto Monnar)

27. Tracie Louise (Tracie Louise Photography)

28. Nick (Talkin’ Shit)

29. samharrisblog (SamHarrisBlog)

30. (Doli Siregar – Photography)

31. turkischland (turkischland)

32. sunnysleevez (Sunny Sleevez)

33. Writing by A.R.T. (Writing by A.R.T.)

34. Christopher Vennard (God’s Word for You!)

35. Free Tag Zone (Free Tag Zone)

36. lifecoachmarie (Life & Career Coaching with Marie Wetmore)

37. nanweili (南威利) – Chinese language blog

38. Mazhar (Welcome! Journalist Mazhar Qureshi)

39. MonaD`E (Heaven 4 Earth)

40. Kavita Joshi (Talking Experience)

41. jollof (The Crazy Nigerian)

42. bonbon387 (Teenage Views)

43. eCharta (eCharta – The Blog)

44. tipsforzip (TipsforZip)

45. Raed Hmadi (Zeus DreamCaster)

46. gurkiransian (Gurkiran Kaur Sian’s Personal Blog)

47. hithertododos (A Slice of Mind)

48. Immodium Abuser (

49. Ron Scubadiver (Ron Scubadiver’s Wild Life)

50. pallaksharma24 (The be-all and end-all)

51. chaseitorbchased (Chase It Or B Chased)

52. trudom22 (who is the god of heaven)

53. krees67 (Kurt Rees ~ Poetry)

54. prophetbrahmarishi (prophetbrahmarishi)

55. Magić (Legalizacija HR) – Croatian-language blog

56. Valeriu D.G. Barbu (valeriu dg barbu blog)

57. jennifermdarling (for the love of nike)

58. Daniel Leach (The Anti NWO Party Blog ★

59. Marcela Cava Balsa (Acerca de Marcela)

60. paarsurrey (paarsurrey)

61. socraticnews1 (Research Summaries)

62. Kendall F. Person (Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger)

63. Ajaytao2010 (Ajaytao 2010)

64. clairvoyantgirl (A Clairvoyant Journey)

65. Kevin (A “Literal approach to God’s word)

66. Opinionated Man (HarsH ReaLiTy)

67. khamin (Khamin/খামিন)

68. ArchangelTravels (ArchangelTravel)

69. appliedpress (Applied Press)

70. Jordan Latour (JL – Jordan Latour)

71. joseasanoj (My Day Out With An Angel)

72. Cristian Mihai (

73. Toni Slate (snoozeyalose)

74. lisaelskerarvid (Ta hendene til din kjaere) – Danish-language blog

75. Adeena (Viat,a, prin ochi de Femeie) – Romanian-language blog

76. The Mouse (Live2EatEat2Live Blog)

77. jrosenberry1 (Blog It or Lose It!)

78. Glenn Folkes (

79. clumsyfool (ClumsyFool)

80. MichelleMarie AntellGourd (Tell Me About It)

81. Russel Ray Photos (

82. SjSchafer (SjSchafer – Phase Two: Creativity)

83. chasingtheperfectmoment (Chasing the Perfect Moment)

84. Joe Seeber (

85. saminaiqbal27 (Samina’s Forum for police support)

86. Jill London (

87. tazeinmirzasaad (TranscendingBordersBlog)

88. petitemagique (Petite Magique)

89. Michael Armstrong (Strong Blogs)

90. barbarastanley (Common Sense in An Uncommon World)

91. superduque777 (Superduque) – Spanish-language blog

92. foresterartist (

93. Ego sum (

94. The Eye-Dancers (Eye-Dancers)

95. carenjopia (Top Tourist Attractions)

96. Nirmal Bajwa (Letters- To My Master (ਖਤ – ਮੇਰੇ ਮਾਲਿਕ ਨੂੰ ))

97. Justine (Freedom Justine)

98. kaligrafinusantaraonline (Kaligrafi Nusantara) – Indonesian-language blog

99. Khawaja Hamad (Immature Fruit)

100. kybedard (WritingOutLoud)

101. chris13jkt (Krishna’s Pictures & Notes)

102. rachieadventures (Rachie Adventures)

103. Sreejit Poole (The Seeker’s Dungeon)

104. johannisthinking (

105. cyndipachinophotography (Cyndi Pachino Photography)

106. goethalsart (GoethalsArt) – Flemish/Dutch

107. 1createblogs (Create Blog)

108. John SterVens (John SterVens’ Tales)

109. Shimky (Wonderful Cinema)

110. Tanumoy Biswas (The Nomadic Soliloquist)

111. Everything Aussie (

112. annie orrill (Theo’s World)

113. Jayde-Ashe (The Paperbook Blog)

114. Jay Finn (jayfinnauthor)

115. Patinspire (

116. reachingutopia (Reaching Utopia)

117. urbanwallart (Ray Ferrer – Emotion on Canvas)

118. ikeiaconis (Drew Iaconis)

119. takingbackearth (Taking Back Earth)

120. Jack Media (

121. Roberto Michel (Blow Up Fotografías) – Spanish

122. Jake Jackson (These Fantastic Worlds)

123. Over 40 and Killing it™ (

124. marina kanavaki (Marina Kanavaki – Art Towards a Happy Day)

125. cherylmoore (Unbound Boxes, Limping Gods)

126. peterhobbs1 (Ramblings,Reviews and Interviews)

127. supernova1c (Digging History)

128. authoraamir (AuthorAamir)

129. A Meanss (A Meanss to the end)

130. truthaboveallreligions (TruthAboveAllReligions)

131. AmbitionInTheCity (Ambition in the City)

132. Maryam.Shahbaz (maryamshahbazmian)

133. digitalhegemon (d|gI+Al hEGeM0n …..d|g|Z|nE)

134. jakesprinter (Sunday Post)

135. Spinnos Manolis (Photography in Patmos)

136. Rajat Chauhan (PICZLoad)

137. daclarkga (The Donald’s Online World)

138. Luittchi (Joker)

Also many thanks to Anjali, Noor, Kira, “maik10″ and “amoq1955alex”.

*****PLEASE NOTE: The Blogroll is no longer being updated. The Gravatar profile of followers will now appear in the ‘HEM Community’ widget visible on every page (VS 29/6/13)******

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7 thoughts on “BLOGROLL: Remembering a defunct HEM page

    1. Thank you Sheri…you’re very right there. Love being nostalgic, I also made this post as a means of preserving the past of the Half-Eaten Mind for its future. A sort of archive if you like. It keeps those blogging memories alive.

      Wishing you a great and equally happy Sunday,



    1. Hi Barbara,

      Thank you for your kind compliment. Car chases thankfully aren’t too common, although they’re frequent here in my city, London. However I’ve seen far more on television in real-life by a considerable amount.

      Best wishes,


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