GIF MOMENT: Stick Texting

(c) Stick Texting via Lilith Moon

Today the Half-Eaten Mind brings you a special GIF image courtesy of Lilith Moon on Google +. The GIF was produced by and shared by Lilith and Kamran V. Kleist. A person becomes annoyed at his friend’s over enthusiastic use of smileys and gets his revenge in spectacular stickman style. The Stick Texting iPhone app gives users fully animatedย stick figures for text and emails using your iPhone or iPad. The detailed and clear animations help you express yourself, your thoughts and your moods with a firm punch. The smileys won’t know what hit them. The animation was created by Alan Becker.

As soon as I saw this on my Google + feed, I couldn’t help but share this with you all. Personally I like smileys. They’re a fun way to express yourself with no words at all, and I find it amusing when someone I’m texting or messaging with lays a big fat smiley train all over the screen. I know some people say ‘three’s a crowd’ but a crowd of smileys does add flavour to the conversation. Let’s just hope they have taken self-defence classes for when a two-dimensional ninja shows up to cause some SMS carnage.

Lilith Moon on Google + LINK
Kamran v. Kleistย on Google + LINK
STICK TEXTING Animated Texting App/Mitch Robiner LINK

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