LONDON CABS: The MiniCabster Infographic

The Half-Eaten Mind has been based in London all its life. The author too has been based in the Greater London area all his life. He was born in Barking, which was once part of the nearby county of Essex until the Local Government Act of 1965 changed the face of the city’s political landscape and heralded the creation of the new county of Greater London (The Royal Mail still includes my hometown in its Essex postal district). He is both a Londoner and an ‘Essexman’, having spent his formative years in east London, where he still lives and is currently working in the city centre.

London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

As a proud Londoner, I always take an interest in the going-ons of my city, especially given that I am trained as a journalist, the newsy aspect of London life. London is home to around 8 million people and is the financial and cultural powerhouse of the United Kingdom, as well as the centre of the country’s media industry. It is fun, exciting and exhilarating. It can also be tough, hectic, and depressing. But I do love my London.

In honour of this metropolis of magnificence and madness, the Half-Eaten Mind brings you this special ‘infographic’ courtesy of The Minicabster Blog, a website bringing news on the industry behind one of London’s most memorable tourist icons, the humble taxi cab. There are estimated to be around 23,000 ‘black cabs’ (taxis) plying their trade on London’s roads, according to local paper The Evening Standard. Add to that figure the thousands of private hire vehicles that are the travelling module of choice in the suburbs and outer areas of the city. They are usually known locally as ‘minicabs’.

The interactive infographic offers a short trip through the history & developments of the London cab and aims to answer all the questions you might have ever asked about taxis, such as when the first public carriages appeared and where the industry is heading now.

(c) Minicabster Ltd.

You can view the infographic by clicking the image above. The graphic works best with Google Chrome, but will also work well with Mozilla Firefox. Mobile users and people viewing it with Safari browsers may experience issues using this current version (Feb. 2014)

It is incredibly easy to use. You only need to push down the right arrow key on your keyboard to move the car and begin your historical journey. With fun graphics and accessible language, it is ideal for all age groups.

To find out more about Minicabster, the company behind the London taxi infographic, please visit

Taxi history – an interactive infographic from Minicabster!” – Chris Linn, Minicabster/Minicabster Ltd. (31 January 2014) LINK
“London’s black cabs have many miles in them yet, says China’s Henry Ford” – Toby Green, London Evening Standard (26 February 2013) LINK
“London” – Doug Wheller, Flickr (4 December 2011) LINK
“Taxi history – an interactive infographic from Minicabster!” – Chris Linn, Minicabster/Minicabster Ltd. (31 January 2014) LINK 
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