VIDEO MOMENT : Dancing Indian horse

A quick video of a horse rhythmically trotting to the beat of a dhol drum.
This was shared on Whatsapp by my sister Alia and is also my first post via the WordPress app on my mobile.


“Horse Dancing On Drum Beat!!” – Christine Trowbridge, YouTube GB (11 December 2013) LINK
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10 thoughts on “VIDEO MOMENT : Dancing Indian horse

  1. This was cool times ten! I had a poodle named Jim Bob many years ago who used to lick the air every time I hit a nail with my hammer. Hammer, lick, hammer, lick…. so on and so on. 😀


    1. Thanks lol!!! 🙂
      Oh cool…was Jim Bob trained to do the hammer-lick thing or was it something he suddenly started doing of his own accord?. Either way it must be a huge laugh!!



      1. He was a true friend 🙂
        A cute dog. I had a look at the memorial and it was very fitting for him. I’m sure he’s now wagging his tail at you from heaven 🙂



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