LIGHT IN THE WORLD AWARD: Nomination from Patty

This 13th of March 2014, our good friend Patty of the ‘Petite Magique‘ blog shone a light of kindness and joy on your favourite news and views blog. She has nominated the Half-Eaten Mind for the impressive ‘Light in the World Award‘ (LITWA) as part of an ‘awesome awards’ giveaway.

The LITWA was invented in 2012 by Barbara Matteo, a fellow blogger who publishes posts about women’s creativity, spirituality and issues affecting the female gender on the blog ‘idealisticrebel‘. The blog award’s full title is in fact Being a Light in the World Award.

(c) B. Matteo via Patty (Petite Magique)

Barbara created the LITWA to celebrate those wonderful people in our world who spread light, love, hope and peace in the name of humanity. Bloggers receiving this award are encouraged to continue promoting these virtues and work as a force of peace and light in the world, touching their readers’ hearts and making a difference in their lives, no matter how small. The award has as its background a scene of a beach taken at sunset with holidaymakers enjoying themselves. This picture was taken by Barbara herself. Just as the Sun in the picture brings light and sustenance to the Earth and is the reason why any living thing can exist on our planet in the first place, the LITWA is a gift to those bloggers who help shine the light into other people’s worlds, giving them sustenance, hope and happiness through the venerable dialogue of blogging.

The LITWA has rules for nominees to follow. I have reproduced them below:

1.Thank the person who gives you the award

2.Spread this award around to the people who you know who are doing this work, so that the work continues and the light is spread

3.Let your nominees know

4.Never give up on your fellow human beings

Firstly I want to proffer a big thanks to Patty for not only nominating me for the LITWA , but also for her superb answers to the questions I asked as part of accepting one of the reincarnations of the Liebster award I was nominated for earlier this month. Patty is a truly great and amazing friend. I have immense respect for her style and creativity. Lorryloads of love and hugs will be heading her way!!

The LITWA nominees are:

1. Ruben Demirjian (Tigrane el Grande) *

2. Hidayat aka KN (Kaligrafi Nusantara) *

3. Wendy Lee (BeWithUs/ Clouds n’ Cups) *

4. Jacqueline Hadel (TOKIDOKI) *

5. Rachel Carrera (Rachel Carrera, Novelist) *

6. KOH (K’ Clips) *

7. Cindy Knoke (Cindy Knoke) *

Congratulations to all the nominees. You have helped to bring a lot of light and happiness into my life, especially in the blogging part of it. As always, it is not incumbent on you to accept, just this is my way of sharing some loving light and sparkles with you.

Sunrise over Ile aux Aigrettes, Mahebourg, Mau...
Sunrise over Ile aux Aigrettes, Mahebourg, Mauritius (Photo credit: Steve Weaver)

A sunrise scene taken by a photographer on the east coast of my maternal homeland, Mauritius.

“Awesome Awards!” – Patty, Petite Magique (13 March 2014) LINK
“award” – Barbara Matteo, idealisticrebel (4 March 2014) LINK 
“Awesome Awards!” – Patty, Petite Magique (13 March 2014) LINK
“Sunrise over Ile aux Aigrettes, Mahebourg, Mauritius” – Steve Weaver, Flickr (19 January 2010) LINK
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