FREE AVERAGE JOE: Change your perception of money

with Michael Hawkins (feature contributor)

A new book by a Texan oil industry worker promises to revolutionise the way people think about making money from the comfort of their own home, while using established knowledge and careful financial planning. The simply designed, dark green book, comfortably titled “An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom“, by first time author and financial expert Michael Warren Munsey, offers a perspective on money that is very different to what parents, schools and other money-making experts might have told you.

According to Munsey, a Houston-based university graduate, the reason why there are such discrepancies between the wealthy and the not-so-wealthy is largely down to the ways they perceive money and its acquisition. We are not born with the ability to maintain wealth: it is something that is learned. An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom aims to change people’s way of thinking through sharing with readers the knowledge of making your finances work for you to help generate passive income. With mental discipline and sound financial control, it could make all the difference in giving yourself and your family the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

(c) M.W. Munsey
(c) M.W. Munsey

The book comes complete with practical concepts and ideas as well as discussing the issues we face today in managing our personal finances, particularly as wages stagnate and living costs rise post-recession. Munsey does not write without conviction of his concepts, he personally has roadtested everything he speaks about in An Average Joe. The book has some interactive exercises to help you strengthen your understanding of the financial lessons Munsey writes about.

Michael Munsey grew up in the Midwestern region of the United States and currently resides in Houston, Texas. A long-time employee in the southern state’s lucrative oil industry, Munsey has also highly developed himself intellectually, receiving an undergraduate degree from Murray State University in 1995, before pursuing a career with multinational firm Halliburton. While climbing the corporate ladder at Halliburton’s Energy Services division, Munsey went on to complete an EMBA business degree from Rice University, a small private research university in his city, and graduated there in 2005. It was finally clutching his MBA certificate that inspired Munsey to delve into the science of making money work for the ordinary hardworking man or woman. It was his eagerness to share this new understanding which has now culminated in An Average Joe.

(c) I. Britton/

The book has already received 4.5 out of 5 stars on selling site Amazon and has been reviewed positively by readers who appreciate An Average Joe‘s distilling of financial advice and methods of safeguarding investments. It is very much a handy piece of financial advice for the ordinary person looking for unbiased and constructive information on maximising their income.

You can purchase the book in e-book, hardback and paperback formats directly from the Average Joe website, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and the book’s publishers Xlibris.



DISCLOSURE: This promotional feature was written as a favour to a mutual friend of myself and the author. They both grew up in the same town in the United States. No payment or incentives were offered in the process of publishing.


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“An Average Joe’s Pursuit For Financial Freedom: Change Your Perception of Money [Kindle Edition]” – Michael Warren Munsey, Amazon,, Inc. LINK
“” – Michael Warren Munsey, Free Average Joe LINK
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6 thoughts on “FREE AVERAGE JOE: Change your perception of money

  1. Thanks for the great review of my book. I really appreciate all the time you spent to give your readers such a quality review.


  2. Hmm…yet another get rich scheme to road test. A well written common sense approach to organising money to flow to you. Humans are meant to live and focus on loving others not spending time on money. The history of money smacks of the dark side. Adding value to it diminishes spirit..hence…the way the world has gotten thus far. We REALLY need to push it out of our systems completely. Value love. Value food. Value family. Value shelter. Value clothes. And value others. Thanks for the reminder. Cheers


    1. Amaezed – It appears by the negative comment that you are having a bad day; therefore, I hope that your day gets better. I read your profile online and see that you are not happy. I hope you find something that makes you happy and I wish you the best.

      It is clear that you have not read my book because this book is not a get rich scheme for the reader to road test and anyone that takes the time to read it will see that my family is a VERY important part of my life. As a loving Father and the primary provider for my family, it is my responsibility to take care of my family financially as well as emotionally. A few years ago my family doctor was concerned that I could have had a brain tumor. For about 3 weeks while the doctors were performing their test I was faced with the possibility that my family would have to provide for themselves. I felt terrible because I did not want them to drop the standard of living that I was able to provide for them.

      I came to the decision to write An Average Joe’s Pursuit For Financial Freedom because I know that there are so many people like myself that are concerned about their financial future. I see that many Baby Boomers are struggling with the question of how much money will be enough to retire. They are also concerned with their ability to sustain their current lifestyle without dropping their standard of living. I have seen several people decide to retire just to return back to the workforce. I believe that the majority of us have a problem with the way we think about our financial future and the values that many of us were taught. Just as technology and our way of life changes, so does the way we perceive money and the way we invest.

      This book was written so that both of my boys would understand the decisions I made which moved us so far away from their grandparents and aunts. I also want them to learn from some of my poor decisions. I hope that I will be able to help them speed up their learning curves that they will face as they grow. I do not expect my book to connect with everyone and I am sure that this book will not connect with you or your interests. For those that want a different perspective from what is traditionally taught I have shared the way my perception has changed with time. With time many people’s perception will change on important subjects in their life with age and experience.


      1. Thank you for you comment. Rather long winded and assumptions abound. If you assumed that I am unhappy…you must be some clairvoyant. I summise your book is another assumption…written to make you money rather than helping vulnerable folk. Get Rich Scheme…good grief! Cheers and good luck


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