MOTHER NATURE: Changes to comeback and revamp

The Half-Eaten Mind previously reported (last weekend) on the return of fellow blogger Alex Smithson, who runs photography and news blog “Mother Nature”.

As mentioned previously, Alex had taken five months’ break from blogging due to important exams and was planning to return to blogging activities on the 1st of July, 2014.

Yesterday night, I was informed by Alex that a sudden change has been made to the plan. Mother Nature will now be restarted on the 25th of June, 2014, which is around three weeks from now. The 1st July will instead mark a massive redesign of Mother Nature, which regularly adopts new themes provided by WordPress, its blogging technology supplier.

Alex has expressed considerably joy at his forthcoming return to blogging, adding in our conversation that he was “actually excited about blogging again, I’ve missed it a lot“. As part of the redesign, Alex will be releasing a brand new header image which will go live in July. He ultimately is keeping the secrets firmly sealed as he wishes to keep this blog’s writer, other bloggers and the blog’s visitors firmly guessing as to what he has planned for Mother Nature.

In an answer to a request from the one-man editorial staff at the Half-Eaten Mind offices in Plaistow, in London’s eastern reaches, Alex has kindly supplied some graphics for the big launch this July. The image pack, picked up via his Twitter feed includes the website’s new logo, designed by the young Croydon nature aficionado himself. In addition to the rebranding, Alex also plans to move beyond his blog’s original remit as a photography site and begin reporting news on the hour. Before his temporary break, Alex had honed his journalism skills covering the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

(c) A. Smithson

Alex’s official statement regarding the “change of heart” in his blogging return plans.

(c) A. Smithson

Official announcement graphic – Alex will be returning to blogging on the 25th of June.

(c) A. Smithson

The new logo Alex plans to unveil at his blog’s revamp in July 2014.

ALEX SMITHSON ~ Mother Nature


Alex Smithson, Twitter LINK
Vijay Shah { विजय }, Twitter LINK


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7 thoughts on “MOTHER NATURE: Changes to comeback and revamp

      1. 😉 hm sounds fab! Cant wait to see his photos I may learn a trick or two because i am a keen amateur phorographer as you might have noticed in my recents posts 😉 You’re very welcome Vijay 😉


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