THE FUTURE OF PRIVATE HIRE: Online UK wide taxi bookings with guaranteed licensed drivers/operators

with James Sorolla (contributor)

Today’s contributor, James, is a representative for the British-based online solutions enterprise, TriggerAppy Ltd, which focuses on the private hire sector.

TriggerAppy produces software in cooperation with some of the country’s largest taxi hire firms and private hire despatch software providers. One partnership with Diplomat saw the two technology companies combine TriggerAppy’s online advanced web booking capability with Diploma’s software to provide a seamless experience for the passenger as well as create decent cost savings for the companies involved. The software helps reassure passengers that the cabs they order will be fully-licensed, and therefore far safer to hail and ride, which is especially important for lone travellers catching cabs at off-peak times. Individual cab firms can also maintain their own booking sites where they can acquire passengers at the click of a button, meaning all-round and effortless convenience for both parties.

(c) TriggerAppy Ltd.

Following on from the software, TriggerAppy plans to condense its product into a handy mobile phone app, that will help users order cabs safely and at their own convenience.


Ever wondered just how safe and above board the taxi operators are that you use when you visit any number of the online taxi booking sites?  And wouldn’t it be great to have a single service online that could cover your journey wherever you happen to be or need to get to, anywhere in the UK?  You might be fed up with your regular local companies or visiting somewhere new and wondering how you will get about… These are the key issues bubbling to the surface as the world of private hire finally catches up with technology.

People are starting to see the applications that individual taxi and minicab companies are offering for what they are…purely local “tools”, and in reality no-one really wants to clog up their mobile, tablet or pc with an app for each town or city.  So the winners in this race will be the truly national applications that keep things simple and offer the extensive service people are looking for.

English: UK Minicab - note name and phone numb...
English: UK Minicab – note name and phone number on the side of the Ford Mondeo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other essential element that will define the successful applications of the future in this arena is the safety of passengers, and how the applications seeking their business ensure that every journey booked via the application is fulfilled by a fully vetted and licensed driver or operator.  This particular issue is a hot topic with the regulators who can see the popularity of online and mobile applications taking off and are keen to ensure that every technology provider meets the grade.  It’s fair to say this is a bigger issue in some developing countries, but it’s worth noting that even in the UK there are certainly some less than trustworthy ventures in the app marketplace.  The hope is that the regulator will pick up on these instances and enforce the necessary changes, and soon.

These concerns aside, the advantages to booking online or on the go are clear, and some of the applications out there certainly offer some great features.  Those coupling this functionality with UK wide service levels are going to prove invaluable.

Some of the most advanced applications on the market ensure that all the journeys are seamlessly sent through to and handled by the operators.  No need for any more calling for a cab or rummaging around for a number to call.  Getting a no obligation quote and then guaranteeing a great price and service.  Even after your car is booked (all confirmed online) you can still send notes and receive further updates online from the taxi companies booked.  Online booking engines offer lots of great features for users to make rebooking fast and simple – the secure services let you save addresses, contact names, favourite journeys and much more.

One such online application is It’s a partnership with a leading Taxi and Private Hire Despatch Software provider  Thousands of the licensed private hire operators using their software and the “lite” version are seamlessly passed TaxiForce bookings.

TAXIFORCE, TriggerAppy Ltd.
“File:Minicab.JPG” –  TerriersFan, Wikimedia Commons (13 September 2006)
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3 thoughts on “THE FUTURE OF PRIVATE HIRE: Online UK wide taxi bookings with guaranteed licensed drivers/operators

    1. Neither do I hahaha :)…mostly for day-to-day commuting I rely on good ole public transport and when needing a cab, I have a company who’s services I usually call on but apps like the one featured in this article, and Car2Go, Hailo, Uber etc…are a massive boon to the time-poor, journey-rich rider.



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