PHOTO MOMENT: Mauritian minister receives honourable award at Reduit State House

(c) Axelle P (@lslaxeoule) via @lslvideo/@lslatish/L’Express

Mr. Satya Veyash Faugoo, the Mauritian Minister for Agriculture (Agro-Industry portfolio) receives the GOSK civil award as part of the National Day awards ceremony at the State House in Reduit, near Port Louis, the island’s capital. Faugoo is the man with the cream scarf on the left.

Faugoo serves in the cabinet of current prime minister and political stalwart Navin Chandra Ramgoolam, whose father, Seewoosagur, was the country’s first prime minister. A recipient of the GOSK as well, the late elder Ramgoolam is widely respected for leading Mauritius through self-government from the U.K. As well as being agriculture minister, Faugoo also represents the constituency of Triolet and Pamplemousses, in the north of Mauritius. He belongs to the Mauritian Labour Party (Parti Travayis Morisyen/Parti Travailliste).

The GOSK, or to give its full official name, The Most Distinguished Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Oceanis the highest order of merit awarded by the Mauritian government. It was established in 1992, the same year Mauritius became a republic to honour personalities who have made contributions to social progress in both Mauritius and other Indian Ocean islands. Unlike many other civic awards, recipients of the GOSK do not need to be citizens to be awarded.




Bio-data of The Honourable Satya Veyash FAUGOO, MP

Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security


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