HUMOUR MOMENT: The dog and the donkey

with Noor Malick Akbarali (contributor)

Today’s Humour Moment comes from a submission volunteered by my friend and colleague Noor. He works with me at our events and conferences company based in Euston, London. He originally comes from India and is a graduate in computer sciences and engineering from the University of Madras, in the south Indian city of Chennai. He speaks fluent Tamil and is a big fan of cats. He is also a technological whizzkid and once hacked into his Farmville account on a social media site and awarded himself $2 million. I have known him for around five years, since his branch of the department I currently work in relocated from their old offices in Oxford Circus, also in London, and merged with my division. He is an awesome friend, always smiling and yet still working as hard as ever. I dedicate this article to him. He loves to tell and share jokes…although granted some of them are not really to my taste, he certainly knows how to tickle a funnybone.

This Humour Moment is a lightly amusing story of a washer man and his dog and donkey. One night the animal duo are confronted by a thief while their owner is sleeping. There is a valuable lesson in the story which might be applicable to certain employees and their managers in the working world.

(c) werner22brigitte
(c) werner22brigitte

A washer man had a dog and a donkey.

One night when the washer man and his family was sleeping the dog and donkey happened to be awake, when a thief managed to sneak in.

The dog decided not to bark as he thought that the washer man was not taking due care of him anyway and this was his perfect chance to teach his master a lesson.

The donkey, indefatigably loyal to the master, could not remain a mute spectator to the thief’s arrival and advised the dog to bark, but the dog wouldn’t. The dog refused to change his mind and insisted that he would not make even a whimper as the master was not treating him well and this was the right time to take revenge on the master.

The donkey soon realised that he had to do something about this himself and started braying. This made the thief flee the house in fright however it woke up the washer man and his family.

The master did not find any reason for the donkey to be braying in the middle of the night and hence started telling off the donkey.

Moral of the story: One must not engage in duties other than his own


Another Version of the Story:

The washer man is an MBA graduate from a premium management school. He wants to investigate the reason behind the braying of the donkey as it seemed very unusual to him.

He finds some footprints and concludes that there was an intruder, probably a thief. Satisfied with his investigations, the washer man rewards the donkey with some lush green hay in gratitude.

Life does not change much for the dog, but now the washer man starts liking the donkey more and starts expecting more from him in exchange of further gifts of green hey which keeps enticing the donkey into being more responsible. The washer man starts giving the donkey some more tasks, thus increasing his burden of work.

The days pass on and the donkey one day discovers that he is doing most of the tasks for the washer man whereas the dog is just lazing around. But now he couldn’t really complain because he has to maintain his rank of being the best and favoured of all the washer man’s pets.

The donkey is now known to be thinking of quitting the washer man’s duties and relocating to the local animal shelter…

(story adapted for publishing by Vijay Shah)


Noor Malick’s Facebook page.
Creative Commons CC Search
werner22brigitte, Pixabay (20 May 2010)

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