NEW BLOG GRAPHICS: In collaboration with Canva

From time to time, I like to make little tweaks and improvements to the Half-Eaten Mind. As regular readers are aware, I have some fairly passable graphic design skills which I put to good use in giving a smart, fun and appropriate visual appeal to the blog.

While reading a blogpost by new blogging friend Olga, I chanced across a reference to a website called Canva. This website is a simple-to-use graphic factory online that enables you to produce your own contemporary images for your website. Canva offers its own text templates, backgrounds, cliparts and patterns, many of which are free, which are as high-quality as those used by website designers. You can churn out anything from infographics to Facebook headers and posters for publicity which can be printed in real life.

I decided to take on the awesomeness of Canva and make some new graphics for pages on the blog. With the help of the site’s ready-made templates, resizing, image upload facility and placement rule marking, the graphics I did were practically professional standard, considering this was the very first time I used Canva. I used different, but contemporary styles for each image, combined with creative commons imagery and my own supplied images. You can also obtain images from Canva, but it’s a one-dollar fee per image used. You can download the completed graphic as a JPG or PDF file, but be careful to choose the option for downloading one of the pages (choosing page one) otherwise you will have a fat ZIP file to contend with. With the images below, you probably can see my ‘design personality’ show through, but also I have incorporated elements and colours derived or inspired from the HEM’s branding or previous graphic projects I have undertaken on here.

HEM Canva Publicity



Images added in from Pixabay, OpenClipart and my own images and cropped with Fotor. All graphics done with Canva.

The inspiration comes with thanks from Olga NM at Just Olga. See her experience of Canva (and other web-based thingummies) at this link:Β Are you bad with images? Try Canva. And other bits and bobs.

25 thoughts on “NEW BLOG GRAPHICS: In collaboration with Canva

  1. Thanks very much for sharing my post and I’m very pleased you’ve found Canva useful (as I suspected, this could be Amazing for somebody with good skills to begin with but it gives everybody a head start). Awesome work!


    1. Thanks for your compliment, Beth πŸ™‚
      I’ve touched a little on Photoshop when I was in sixth-form college (this was more than a decade ago) but did find it a little complicated. It is incredible software for photos and designs though, as many will attest!.



  2. Hi Vijay – I am not ready to use graphics and actually know very little about them but I have marked the site Canva and hope to be able to use the information at a later date. Right now I’m still working on photo skills. But I sure appreciate you sharing this information.


  3. I have heard of Canva! Another blogger turned me on to it, but I haven’t had the time to explore it just yet. I think I will now, given the depth of your post. Thanks for the reminder.


  4. Thanks for writing about this Vijay and for exposing me to Canva. I also like to dabble in some design elements when I have time so having more in my arsenal is always good.


  5. Hello Vijay
    I like new look of your Blog , now we do not see NEWS papers that I normally do not like reading πŸ˜₯ unfortunately.
    It is good to experiment and I know about Canva and I like it as it is easy and user friendly even a person like me who is totally out of technology of IT can create something good with its help.

    All the best.


    1. Hi ANdleeb, ahaha..well I do have some graphics with newspapers on them. What do you enjoy reading?
      You are very right about Canva. It is a godsend.

      Thank you, and have a nice weekend!



    1. My pleasure, Marquita.

      P.S. I never realised you could make videos in PowerPoint. Learn something new every day aye!

      Look forward to seeing your weekend project using Canva.


  6. Hi Vijay. I wasn’t familiar with Canva, but it looks like such a great creative resource. I’ll definitely consider it for future media content or promotional materials. Thanks for sharing!


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