SULLEE J: Rebel Nation – a message against terrorism

Since its formation in the aftermath of the Syrian civil war, the militant group ISIS, which labels itself as Islamic State, has unleashed a mindless and bloodthirsty war against the people of Iraq and Syria. Its horrific beheadings, mass killings and other vile crimes have reviled the world, and rightly so. As ISIS continue their barbaric rampage across the Middle East, Muslims across the world are bearing the brunt of the backlash, even though many have condemned and spoken out against the terrorists in the strongest possible terms. Many have signed up to the Twitter campaign “#NotInMyName” to show that they do not identify with ISIS’ blatant disrespect and insult to their religion. Others have joined anti-ISIS protests or sent aid to civilians caught up in the conflict in Iraq and Syria.

Rebel Nation Flyer - Sullee J

An American Muslim, the rapper Sullee J has added his own voice to the global Islamic community’s uprising against the twisted ideologies of groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, the revolutionary warrior poet and philanthropist is one of a new breed of Muslim rappers using their message to counteract not only the terrorist groups who claim to speak for Muslims but also to fight against the Islamophobia which has become widespread in many Western countries as a result of those same terrorists. Sullee J has collaborated with numerous stars from the broader Baltimore hip-hop scene, including Royce Da 5’9, Crooked I, Canibus, Cashis, Cyssero and K-Rino. He has also been the talk of hip-hop magazines and fan sites and also made a hefty impact in the mainstream media too, featuring on the CBS and Fox television networks. Sullee J is far from just another rapper with a big medallion and bigger swagger dropping tracks to fill his bank account. He has a more spiritual purpose – being a light of the hip-hop genre, using his music to illuminate the masses with positive and uplifting tunes. Just as importantly, Sullee J takes hip-hop back to what it is used to be about – messages on and against the injustices of the world, life and society.

His latest track to get dropped via his label Venom Musik is exactly that kind of hip-hop with a profound message. Rebel Nation is a response to those groups that claim to represent Muslims but are anything but. It is a track is very much influenced by the whole ISIS situation, and a fitting reply to those who say that the voice of the international Muslim community is not loud enough against terrorism. Fast-paced and powerful, Sullee J disregards both Islamist terrorists and biased Islamophobes in one fell swoop, exposing their misguidance and lack of knowledge. Featuring Arabic verses from the holy book of Islam, the Qur’an, alongside the forceful street lyrics characteristic of alternative hip-hop, Sullee J remains proud of his faith, yet exposes the malevolent doctrines of groups like ISIS, and the false propaganda from certain quarters that is degrading and disrespecting the worldwide Muslim community.

“Dear ISIS, you are not my religion

Dear Al-Qaeda, you are not my religion

Dear Sudden Jihad Syndrome, you are not my religion

Dear Terrorism, you are not my religion”

– Sullee J

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5 thoughts on “SULLEE J: Rebel Nation – a message against terrorism

  1. What the Islamic State stands for and do has nothing to do with Islam, The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and 120 Islamic scholars firmly agree on that. But unfortunately there are a lot of angry Muslims all over the world that have joined forces with them. Not least in Europe where thousands of European Muslims are already in Iraq and Syria fighting with them. The unfortunate aspect of this is that European Muslims will be tarred by the same brush and there will be even more of a backlash against them. Not least since the Islamic State has sleepers all over Europe.


    1. Very true comment, Catarina.
      Indeed I have already read that around 500 people from my country, Britain, have left to go fight alongside Islamic State. These people have been misguided and brainwashed by the slick social promotion of IS and its supporters, and that doesn’t bode well. At least artists like Sullee J and others will perhaps weaken the allure of such groups and point young frustrated Muslims in a better direction.



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