SULLEE J: Rap Proclamation

Baltimore-based rapper Sullee J, the revolutionary warrior poet of our times, has returned to the mike for his latest track “Rap Proclamation” in which he asks “What is justice, is it just us?“.

As America is rocked by the allegedly racially-motivated killings of teenagers Michael Brown and Tamir Rice (and others like Eric Garner, who died after being put into a stranglehold by a New York cop) by armed police and as entire communities are slandered as ‘illegal aliens’ by right-wing politicians, the disturbing spectre of racism in a nation that has elected its first mixed-race president is rearing its ugly head for all the world to see.

The rap community has taken note of this wave of abuses, and Sullee J has responded against the injustice in a powerful and inspiring track, a lyrical call to arms against oppression and being downtrodden.

(c) Sullee J Management
(c) Sullee J Management

Rap Proclamation” speaks on the current political and social situations now facing the United States, a twisted mess involving the courts, racism and the injustice meted out against minorities and the less fortunate. It is a raw lyrical protest against how society holds down people of colour, where skin pigment means discrimination. It is a proclamation to ‘rise above the stereotype’.

Rap Proclamation was produced by iRatz and is available for viewing and listening on YouTube and Soundcloud. Check out Sullee J’s official fan site at

(contains strong language)

4 thoughts on “SULLEE J: Rap Proclamation

  1. Hate, racism, these things are acidic to the soul of human kind. I know what it is like to walk into homes and businesses and have blatant racist abound against me because I am a white guy or because I am an American or because my attire isn’t high dollar enough. This stupidity bounces off the hearts of peoples from every toward every race or mixtures there of. If people really say that they love Jesus yet are a race hater, they can’t even see the truth about their own selves.

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