VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD: Nomination by Julian (Julx)

It’s been a while….a long while since the Half-Eaten Mind last got an award for blogging services. We last hauled one in during July of 2014, and just when you thought it was all over, our great, cool and wonderful HEM Community, comes back to do it again.

This weekend, HEM has been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award  by Julian Pereira, a.k.a Julx, an Emirati of Sri Lankan origin who lives and works in the uber-cool shoppers’ paradise of Dubai. He’s, in his words, “a normal, average guy with a normal, average life”. This instance of a VIBA nom comes with a brand new badge, a re-interpretation of the original retro, Art-Nouveau-esque motif in common circulation on many blogs in the English-speaking world. The normal white or cream background has been replaced by what appears to be a photo of several people triumphantly raising a trophy into the sky. A fitting triumph and nomination for HEM.

His site Julx’s Blog  began life as a secured portal for discussions on technology and computer issues. The blog soon disappeared down the back of the Internet’s sofa, before Julian came back, pulled it out, dusted it off…and the rest is history.

(c) J. Pereira


Julian received his VIBA from a friend named Aly. As always with WordPress blogging awards, we have some rules to go through before we turn up the revelries to ear-splitting level and freak out ALL the neighbours in the block.

The Rules are as follows:

  1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

1. Many, many thanks to Julx for kindly considering the Half-Eaten Mind and myself for the VIBA award. You are a true star in the blogosphere. Here’s his nomination article:

2. You mean this award…..?. It’s very ‘purty’!!…It’s for those blog soldiers who help keep the blogosphere a beautiful place.

Via J. Pereira

3. ONE – I am currently doing a distance-learning course on weekends. This course is being offered as a free incentive by Newham Council in east London, UK for people to obtain and update their work skills. There are different modules on offer, and the one I’m doing at the moment is for Microsoft Excel 2013.

TWO: I’m probably one of the few (obviously mutated) individuals in this world who is capable of touching the tip of their nose with their tongue. What blindingly obvious purpose this will serve me in my life I’ll never know.

THREE: The last restaurant I visited was Cabana Brazilian Barbeque in Camden, London. Their spicy chicken is simply delicious and the chocolate cake is one massive rich brownie!

FOUR: I love Eighties music!

FIVE: My blog’s Twitter account (@halfeatenmind) recently got a follow from none other than Huffington Post blogger and Welsh cutie/weather presenter Sian Lloyd.

SIX: I have hazel-coloured eyes. Very unusual for people with Indo-Mauritian heritage.

SEVEN: I’m addicted to kebabs. Really addicted. Sadly I’m sort of dieting, so the kebab intake has had a massive machete taken to it in my quest to fight the flab.

4. My fifteen VIBA nominees are:

All will receive a pingback notifying them of their nominations once I get this article published this Sunday. A big congrats to each and every one of you, and remember acceptance is entirely voluntary. Each one of you has inspired me in some way.

5. As with every award we recieve, this latest VIBA will be going to a place of pride on the HEM Directories and Awards page – . You can view and follow Julian’s blog at: , where he has a cute cat gazing up at the moonlight. Because everyone knows cats pretty much define the Internet…and life.

On this last award of 2014, I once again would like to thank Julian for choosing the Half-Eaten Mind as a nominee and wish him all the best in his blogging.

V. Shah
Plaistow, London
7th December 2014
“About The Author” – Julian Pereira, Julx’s Blog
“VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD” – Julian Pereira, Julx’s Blog (6 December 2014)



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