SULLEE J: Subliminal Criminals‏

The following article has been penned by Baltimore-based rapper and street philosopher Sullee J, who along with his management team, is now a regular contributor to the Half-Eaten Mind. He has taken time out from working on recent releases such as ‘Rap Proclamation‘ and ‘Rebel Nation‘ to release a special article critiquing the failed state of America’s poorer neighbourhoods. With racist killings by the police, racial and greed-based violence, poverty and lack of opportunities and aspirations very much the life and times of the poorest urban Americans, Sullee J goes straight to the heart of the housing projects and spills out the bile of the shattered society within. All the while politicians and the mainstream media only notice the surface of an endemically poisonous situation and skim past the intricate details. The reasons why. Of why generation after generation of people are locked in the same grim cycle. The article speaks in Sullee J’s own inimitable way about the current conditions in the United State’s inner cities, among the dilapidated high-rise tenements and austere ganglands. He gives his perspective on these very real and current conditions and the mindsets behind them. The cause…..the solution….


(c) Sullee J Management
(c) Sullee J Management
It’s a sad situation, when the system has placed limitations based on an individuals skin, wicked nation. Simulated injustice and foul litigation. What on earth gives folks the right to be racist. It’s ironic, they title the states united, but entice segregation. How can they shoot up a child based off appearance? Then justify for clearance? That’s just defying, no that’s lust desiring, looking at you straight, but inside them buster’s eyes are leering. This article speaks on the views of the projects. The biases and thoughts processed. The mentality of how they really view the painted. Rest in Peace to the victims of hatred. 


“Treat the hood like cancer, let them kill themselves!” The hood is just an environment full of tyrants, where everybody claim, they’re real as hell. Why help the project, when the projects don’t want to be healed itself? The red & blue try to change the streets, but really they cut a deal for sales, they never reveal themselves. In the hood, they’re just savages, give them food stamps and let them live off a few packages. They’re just meaningless bodies, wasting land we could probably invest & seed a monopoly. We should just tear the hood down, but it’s so sad why we need ’em. That’s the only place we could manipulate the souls through our drug trades, and fast feed ’em. 

We don’t give a damn about the hood, but it fills our wallets. Let them destroy each other, as long as they keep filling our pockets. Keeping the rolls B.I.G., like Christopher Wallace. 

I swear to God, this is the mentality of our politicians. They raise campaigns about saving the youth, but never really step foot in the hood, they’re just bribing visions. Robbing rhythms to fill hope in the hearts and gain support through biased decisions. They say, “These are just folks in deprived conditions.” Why not sell them dope to keep ’em occupied while alive, they could pay for the fuel while we take the ride, & then they wonder why, society’s so corrupt? -Because the ones who talk about saving it, are the same ones who are F’yn it up. 

How do you explain glorifying gangster ways then expecting less crime? Let’s keep it real, as long as the money is being made, you don’t give a damn who comes up, or who’s dying. It’s all about the dough, it doesn’t matter who’s frying! One boss just died? Who cares, there’s another down the street with a new science. 

This is real, don’t be amazed! Right now there are a lot of little girls out there with a child, when they themselves haven’t even been raised. Barely in the seventh grade, mixed up in all this, there are those trying to make it. Nobody looks at the good; they just overshadow ’em because of the sentences on the news pages. Today’s headline: “11 year old shot in the head over some shoes” wasted… Who’s recruiting the youth and telling them, the more people you shoot, fuels your reputation. There’s a war in our own country, but the media doesn’t seem to show it. Therefore, the lack of notice causes these hungry minds to cock back, and cast explosions, till now where the situation is bizarre enough, and the reporters behind the mic have a reason to put the hood back on blast, now! Ain’t that bogus! But I’m just a regular fella try to exhale the truth. You don’t have to believe me, just turn off your TV, look around you, and well… Welcome to Proof!


Many thanks to Sullee J and his management for contributing this thought provoking article.

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