ALIEN: New concept art revealed by Neill Blomkamp

After the relative success of the Alien prequel Prometheus of 2012, in which we saw the unholy birth of the prehensile-tongued extra-terrestrial killer that helped spawn the original sci-fi franchise featuring actor Sigourney Weaver in the main role of Ellen Ripley, there is a possibility that another film is on the way, although a news site claims that the project may not be made at all and the rumours are just that. Alien fans do however have a glimmer of hope for a maybe-or-maybe-not return to some fresh stomach-splitting action as a director and artist has recently publicised his own homage to the series.

What is certain is the appearance yesterday of some concept art drawn by Vancouver-based South African director Neill Blomkamp, who sat in the boss’s chair for the fellow alien films District 9 and Elysium. He posted the artwork on his Instagram account, according to alternative news site i09, and also tweeted that he had not prepared the artwork for the studio, but simply something he did in his spare time.

One collage of images published by i09 depicts Sigourney Weaver in a face-only pose wearing a mask that appears to have been influenced by the deathly black contoured features of the Alien. Two other images show Weaver sideways on, and the unmistakeable crest of the killer in black is plain to see. Another Instagram image released by Blomkamp shows the Alien in all its horrifying glory, poised to kill, saliva dripping from its ungodly mouth. On one of the alien images, which the director described as a “p***ed off Xenomorph Queen“, he wrote “Was working on this. Don’t think I am anymore. Love it though. #alien #xenomorph.”

Blomkamp then followed the Queen with a volley of more of his inspired artwork, commenting “Woulda rocked. Was a mental stroll into the world Ridley Scott created.” According to i09’s Meredith Woerner, Blomkamp’s conception is said to have taken place in Weyland-Yutani headquarters where one of the characters, Corp. Dwayne Hicks resurfaces after having being killed in Aliens 3, but in a less than healthy state. Ridley Scott also is described as donning a ‘Space Jockey helmet’ in another picture. Reporter Woerner states that the artwork was seemingly a personal pitch for a new Alien film by Neill Blomkamp, and not an order from a movie studio. However, Blomkamp is reported as telling one follower on his Instagram account “Fox never said no.” – referring to the major studio, 20th Century Fox, which was responsible for the distribution of the original Alien flicks. He also told another follower that 20th Century Fox were not aware of his new film concept. Fox had decided to turn the Alien franchise back to its roots in releasing Prometheus three years ago, and are reported as unlikely to take up Blomkamp’s idea any time soon.

Other paintings Blomkamp released include a derelict spaceship which had been turned into a warehouse and the outside of what appears to be a very large building or space station, perhaps on the colonised Alien planet LV-426, and scenes from inside various locations in Weyland Corp.

All images/artwork copyright of Neill Blomkamp.

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