SCARFACE: Tony Montana’s mansion on sale for £23 million

The luxurious mansion which doubled as the residence of feared gangster and Cuban refugee Tony Montana in the 1983 blockbuster Scarface, starring Al Pacino, is now on sale for £23 million (USD $33.9 million), reports the British tabloid Metro today.

The El Fureidis mansion, in Montecito, California, was the domain of the feared and fast-talking cocaine smuggler in the hit film, where it was set in Coral Gables, an upmarket town near Miami in Florida. As Tony Montana’s home in the movie, it was where he married the glamorous Elvira, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and went down in a blaze of bloody glory facing off against hordes of South American gunmen in the climactic ending of Scarface.

English: Looking back at El Frueidis from the ...
English: Looking back at El Frueidis from the southern gardens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The mansion, which is said to boast nine bathrooms, also has played host to visits by numerous politicians and film stars. It was built in 1906 using a mixed architectural style combining Greek, Persian, Spanish and Arab styles. Originally known as the James Waldron Gillespie Estate or Gillespie Palace for its original owner, the mansion was renamed ‘El Fureidis‘ (Spanish for ‘Paradise Gardens’) in the 1950s.

The house is currently owned by a Mark Cuban, ironically, and the new owners will also get the free use of four bedrooms and can stroll around the picturesque 10-acre gardens in return for the £23 million asking price. You can live in the lap of luxury and eat like a don in the grandiose living room which has a ceiling adorned with 24-carat gold leaf. The rooms have underfloor heating and modern expensive appliances. The rooftop is said to guarantee 360 degree views of the Californian coast, the Pacific Ocean and the nearby Channel Islands national park.

A spokesperson for, which gives a detailed description of the mansion, called El Fureidis “one of Montecito’s most celebrated estates steeped in rich and colourful history“. The spokesperson also mentioned that El Fureidis is a “place of legendary provenance and played host to many memorable visitors, including Thomas Mann, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin and John F. Kennedy“.

The estate is one of only three residences in Montecito designed by renowned architect Bertram Goodhue, and is a true piece of art history” the spokesperson added.

The movie was directed by Brian Palma and charts the story of Tony Montana, a refugee from the Castro regime who settles in Florida among the Cuban expatriate community there. Beginning life as a humble dishwasher in a roadside restaurant, Al Pacino’s character soon climbs up the crime ladder, before he becomes a gangster overlord in his own right. He knows unbridled wealth and prosperity, but a deepening addiction to cocaine and a run-in with a Colombian crime boss soon bring the world of Montana crashing down in a hail of bullets.

The film which still maintains a uniquely cult status and revolutionised Pacino’s career cost $25 million to make. It took in $4.5 million in its first week at the cinemas and became the 16th best grossing film of 1983.

(contains severe violence and some strong language)


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