Life is a journey. It can be a smooth dual carriageway with no traffic, or it can be a decrepid country lane full of potholes. Ultimately it has to move on and you have to be prepared to move on with it. Things can be tough at times, and you may have had a difficult life or have gone through some turbulent events, but there is always the future to look forward to. Sometimes chances and opportunities may present themselves in your life, and it is up to you to exploit them and turn things around. Each of these golden chances is a chance to make things fresh.

I have seen people get divorced, get hurt, lose important things and people in their lives. I have seen people suddenly witness their health go into decline, or fall helplessly into a dark and soulless pit of despair. For them, I can try and say to them with reassurance that life still can have its good moments, its positives, that there is still something to live for, while being extremely sympathetic to their current or past situation, of course.

The past can hurt. Believe me, more than most people out there, I can tell you that. Even the present can drag on and on, leaving you feeling perhaps a bit despondent. But you can never entirely predict the future. Or what is around the corner. Nevertheless you must keep on living life if you want to solve the mystery of what your life plans to bring your way. Don’t give up hope.

The past is another place and of course, another time. Dwelling on it will not get you anywhere. It can, and does, teach you some important lessons, but do not let the past define you. Always look towards the future and always keep the faith.

Via W. Thompson

Life goes on….

Whether you choose to move on and

take a chance in the unknown.

Or stay behind, locked in the past,

thinking of what could’ve been.

This inspirational quote and image was made available by Will Thompson. He is an affiliate marketer living in the Western United States.

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Vijay Shah { विजय }, Twitter, Twitter Inc.
Will Thompson, Twitter, Twitter Inc.

11 thoughts on “AN INSPIRING THOUGHT: Life goes on…

    1. Thank you so much Debby…I really appreciate this comment and your love for this article. Very true…book writing is very cathartic for taking stock of and then moving on from life’s problems.


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