PHOTO MOMENT: Happy Hallowe’en from Bottom’s Richie and Eddie


A scene from the Ninetie’s BBC comedy series ‘Bottom’ that starred the late Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson. In the Hallowe’en special, titled “Terror” and first broadcast on the 13th January 1995, scuzzy but hilarious flatmates Eddie Hitler (Edmondson) and Richard Richard (Mayall) decide to go out trick-or-treating to make some extra cash. In the above scene, they dress as a banana and devil to strike fear into the locals. Poor old Richie however falls victim to the laxative effects of an electric cattle prod they plan to use to extort Hammersmith‘s residents for a few spooky pennies. A highly amusing comedy gem that will have you reaching for a fresh new pair of tights in no time.


Bottom, Facebook, Facebook Inc.

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