CHRISTMAS 2015: HEM festive graphic


This year’s wallpaper is influenced by the humble Christmas tree, with its merry decoration and celebration of creativity and light. The basis for this year’s graphic is a picture from a photo wallpaper site, the Wallpaper Abyss, depicting a row of trees decked out in blue fairy lights. The text used aligns with the photo’s colour scheme very well and keeps the theme running.

I prepped the image using an old favourite of ours, piZap. It took only around fifteen minutes yesterday morning and is now officially launched today. It will be used here and on the Half-Eaten Mind Facebook page.

I and the Half-Eaten Mind wishes each and every one of you, our friends, supporters, loyal readers, and visitors a very merry Christmas!

“Proudly Serving 2190 Christmas Wallpapers” – Wallpaper Abyss – Alpha Coders/Alpha Coders

10 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS 2015: HEM festive graphic

  1. HEM, et al,

    I’m sure it’s a nice picture, but, it doesn’t display on this site. When I clicked on it, to see if it would show up, it wanted me to sign in to my Google account, which I refuse to do on principle…. If I wanted to sign in, I would, but, to HAVE to in order to view a picture is too paranoid for me….

    I like your style, though…. so, I thought I should let you know, some of your readers aren’t seeing the image….


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I have been hearing there was an issue with the pic…let me know if you can see it now. Alternatively you can see it on the blog Facebook page. Thanks for letting me know, and wishing you a very merry Christmas, Inese 🙂

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