PHOTO MOMENT: In memory of Princess Diana


A photo shared by an aunt of mine here in the UK, honouring the late Princess Diana of Wales. Yesterday would have been her 55th birthday. A genuine and warm person, much involved in charity work and so adored by the people of Britain, that she was called the People’s Princess, Diana married Prince Charles of Wales in 1981, and had two sons, Princes William and Harry. Born in 1961 (a year before my mother), Diana was the darling of the Royal Family, widely respected for her humble attitude, heartwarming smile and ability to get on with people from all walks of life. However she also suffered from being in the public eye and the eventual dissolution of her marriage to Charles. She tragically died in a car crash in a Paris tunnel in 1997, while her chauffeur Henri Paul was trying to get away from a gang of paparazzi that were pursuing them for pictures.


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Marie Hiles.

2 thoughts on “PHOTO MOMENT: In memory of Princess Diana

  1. HEM

    I have always believed Diana was an exception to the common run of royals; her sense of noblesse oblige never strained credibility, as it does in the rest of those parasites. I admired her for that, but, I must say, I cannot admire the Gothe-Saxon family at all. You Brits need to get rid of that bunch of predators as badly as we all need to get rid of the preachers and bankers of the world. They all are nothing more than a sucking wound on the rest of the world’s people….

    Sorry, must be the old curmudgeon in me. I never did see how y’all could be fooled so badly by such asinine people for so long…. but, then, Americans are no better, with their foolish belief their democracy is safe from corporate influence.

    Anyway, Diana wasn’t, I think, so much a part of that as the rest, and deserves credit for her own actions, which never hurt anyone at all…other than as another passive participant in the elitist lifestyle all royals assume…

    gigoid, the dubious


    1. Hi,

      A very interesting take on the situation. I would say that is one of the reasons why people found it much easier to relate to Diana than with the other royals. She was in touch with the pulse of the common people, while the rest of the family just seemed to stare down on all of us from their proverbial ivory tower, with the occasional public showing and deftly waved hand to provide the bread and circuses keeping the celeb-obsessed masses placated. Ironically, giving the boost that she did to the accessibility and perhaps, popularity of the monarchy, I suppose in many ways, that and being an outsider, it was sad to see the Royals close ranks against her after her divorce. She got a raw deal from them.

      Thanks for your comment, Ned!

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