NORTH TURKEY POLICE ATTACK: Two police officers murdered by unknown assailants


Trabzon, TURKEY
VIJAY SHAH via Ace Worldwide News Group/Dogan News Agency/Hurriyet

As Turkey still reels from several bombings in Istanbul and Ankara and an attempted coup by a faction of the armed forces last Friday, more tragedy struck today as a number of ‘unknown assailants’ opened fire on a group of police officers in the Maçka district of Trabzon province in northern Turkey, which borders the Black Sea. Two officers were reported killed, according to the English-language version of the newspaper Hürriyet, via Ace Worldwide News Group and local news organisation, the Doğan News Agency.


The police officers were conducting road checks when the gunmen opened fire on them from a nearby forest. Two officers were killed on the spot and five other officers and a passing civilian were injured. Extra police and ambulances were drafted in. Locals angered by the atrocity and spurred on by the recent failed coup, took up arms and proceeded to the forest to find the killers. Clashes were reported, however there is no word as to the fate of the gunmen.

Last Friday, a coup was instigated by members of the Turkish army opposed to the government of president Tayyip Recep Erdogan. While the president was on holiday in the Mediterranean port of Marmaris, soldiers and army officers were seen driving tanks down main streets in Ankara, the country’s capital, and road blocks were set up in Istanbul. An F-16 bomber plane even aimed gunfire at the Turkish parliament. The rebellion was quickly put down, with around 200 people killed and more than a 1,000 injured. Since then, Erdogan has vowed to flush the ‘virus’ of rebellion out of the armed forces and police. Thousands have been arrested or dismissed from their posts, with some senior army officers fleeing to nearby Greece.

It is not known if the Maçka attackers were connected to the coup, or to Kurdish rebels or Daesh, both of whom have a history of launching fatal attacks on Turkish soil. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) usually launch attacks on army or police attachments and patrols, but their attacks are largely confined to the Turkish part of Kurdistan.

Vijay Shah { विजय }, Twitter, Twitter Inc.
#AceBreakingNews ‏Twitter, Twitter Inc.
“#Breaking144 – Unknown assailants opened fire on #police officers in Maçka district of the Black Sea province of Trabzon, #killing two #policemen – Hurriyet – @AceBreakingNews” – #Breaking144 @Breaking144, Ace Worldwide News Group (19 July 2016)
“Two police officers in killed in attack in Turkey’s north” – Doğan News Agency via Hürriyet Daily News (19 July 2016)
“File:Turkish police forces.jpg” – Mahmut Bozarslan via Voice of America and Wikimedia Commons (18 January 2016)

6 thoughts on “NORTH TURKEY POLICE ATTACK: Two police officers murdered by unknown assailants

  1. While I cannot condone killing anyone, I have been a warrior all my life. One rule all warriors know is this: if you carry a gun, somebody will shoot at you. It is really quite simple. Police carry guns, and, have to be aware of this rule, for their own well-being. Many of them don’t seem to realize they are in a dangerous line of work, and I don’t really see any sense in getting all worked up over shootings. People are going to use guns, and police are trained to deal with that; it’s their job. They, and everyone else, needs to stop glorifying it, and realize it is just the way it is; if you carry a gun, you will get shot at….

    Personally. I don’t carry one; I know how to use them, and if I ever need one, I will obtain one (from someone who has one, and doesn’t realize hands are also a weapon…), and use it as needed, But, carrying one makes one dependent on it; the mind is a much more powerful tool, and much more flexible…. With a gun, you only have one course to take…. If one MUST carry a weapon, knives and ropes are much more versatile…

    gigoid, the dubious

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      1. Turkey can not be described as experiencing terrible things! People keep watch until morning to democracy in the streets and in the squares. Traces of the night of 15 July, still not living history events.

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  2. Over here in the UK, there’s very strict control on guns. Most people don’t keep weapons, even for self-protection. I’ve heard people living in ‘dodgy’ areas who’ve expressed a desire to purchase a firearm, but the paperwork would probably put them off.

    What you’ve commented here, reminds me a saying I once heard “Live by the gun, die by the gun”. Some people live for their guns, and while I do respect their passion, they are playing with fire. Same with knife collectors and the like.

    i suppose if it ever came to it, and one is faced with a robber or some other common criminal with a gun, and they’re coming packing too, it would be a good idea to be the better guy with the gun.

    I’ll just stick with the baseball/cricket bat haha.

    Thanks for commenting, Ned.


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