GUINEA POLITICAL TENSION: Ten killed in February alone

Conakry – VIJAY SHAH via the International Crisis Group

A crisis is brewing in the west African country of Guinea after ten people died in politically motivated clashes after a controversial election held on the 4th of February this year, the International Crisis Group (ICG) has warned.

Tensions have been growing since the election and the opposition parties having had accused the Guinean ruling party of fraud in local polls held last month. Clashes between opposition supporters and strikers and Guinean security forces have led to the deaths of ten people already, according to the ICG’s CrisisWatch website. The president of Guinea, Alpha Condé, who has been at the helm of government since December 2010, has himself being accused of fraud in the election along with his party, the Guinean People’s Assembly.


Battles have been fought between Condé loyalists and opposition supporters  in the capital Conakry and also in the town of Kindia. Five children were reported to have been killed in clashes in the town of Dinguiraye. They perished in a fire, the ICG stated. Further clashes occurred between the gendarmerie, teachers and students who have been on strike or unable to learn since the 12th February. Teachers were later joined in their industrial action by union members of the Guinea General Union of Workers (UGTG). Strikers fought with the gendarmerie leading to around four deaths.

The government is in talks with the Guinean teachers’ union in an attempt to stem the tension. Talks began on the 28th of last month, but no word was made of progress in these talks by the ICG.


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