ESSEX POLICE BREAKING NEWS: Arrest over murder of Southend man

Southend-on-Sea – VIJAY SHAH via BBC Essex


Breaking news from the UK’s BBC Essex news service via sources at Essex Police have confirmed the arrest of a suspect in the homicide of a man in the English seaside town of Southend, it was reported.

According to the bulletin, published on Twitter, Essex Police stated that a 30-year-old woman was arrested today in connection with the death of an as yet unidentified man, also in his thirties, in Southend on Thursday this past week. Southend is located on England’s North Sea (eastern) coast, 36 miles (58 kilometres) from the country’s capital London.

The victim was stabbed in his leg at Roots Hall Drive, in the town’s Westcliff-On-Sea area and was taken to hospital where he sadly passed from his injuries just before midnight, BBC Essex reported. No motive for the attack or any relationship of the assailant to the victim is known and a local police murder inquiry is still ongoing.

In comparison to London, neighbouring Essex has largely escaped the sudden rise in killings and violent attacks that have been a staple of news reportage in the region.


Vijay Shah { विजय }, Twitter, Twitter Inc.

BBC Essex, Twitter, Twitter Inc.


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