SULLEE J: David Blaine – video submission

Baltimore’s hottest rap property Sullee J (Sullee Justice) created a big buzz in the music a few weeks back when he dropped his latest full album ‘SPEAR’ on the 1st of February. Nearly a month later, SPEAR has gained thousands of streams and has gotten followers of the alternative hip-hop scene sitting up in anticipation of what potentially could be a groundbreaking album by the rising Pakistani-American lyrical poet.

To promote SPEAR, Sullee J has authorised a special release of the video to one of the album’s singles, which unusually for a hip-hop song, or indeed for a song of any music genre, is named in honour of a magician!.

David Blaine is an American master of the magical arts, and quite possibly the greatest illusionist to ever live. He is best known for his high-profile feats of endurance, and has set and broken several world records. Blaine once spent 44 days trapped in a glass box in a massive televised stunt which drew millions of viewers.

Sullee J brings to light in this song the fact that many people today are “David Blaine”. What you see, isn’t always what it is. Who you know, isn’t always who you think they are.

The video is now live on the video sharing site YouTube while ‘David Blaine’ is now ready to download on all major outlets. Production and promotion was by GlobalFaction and MannyMade. Below video contains some instances of strong language.






“SULLEE J: Spear (new album submission)” – Vijay Shah, HEM News Agency, WordPress (9 February 2019)


“Sullee J | David Blaine | Music Video” – Sullee J, MannyMade and GlobalFaction, YouTube (22 February 2019)


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