ANYTHING BUT RUBBISH: The Joseph Joseph trash compactor




For any household, rubbish and bins are an unavoidable, and quite frankly disgusting,  fact of life. An average British household will generate more than a tonne of waste per year, which is equivalent to a total of 31 million tonnes of garbage across Great Britain annually. This is equivalent to the weight of three and a half million double-decker buses, a queue of which would go around the world two and a half times.

When it comes to bins, the dreaded moment is when it is time to empty the bin because it is full to the brim. It is a dirty job but someone has got to do it. But imagine if it was possible to avoid having to toss out the trash, if but for a few more days. A revolutionary new bin made by the English houseware manufacturer Joseph Joseph, based in London, could mean less early morning walks to the wheelies out in the driveway, dragging behind you a stuffed leaking bin liner crammed full of stinky leftovers.

The company, founded in 2002 by brothers Richard and Anthony Joseph, has made a name for itself with its innovative and functional housewares developed by design-led teams. Their latest invention is a bin that is also a compactor, that will literally crush down the things you throw away to help maximise the space available in your bin.

The bin has a special handle which sits over the opening. With just one hand, you just push down the handle and the rubbish inside is compressed downwards. You can squeeze in up to three times more waste than traditional non-technology enhanced rubbish receptacles.

Known as the ‘Titan’ Trash Compactor, the bin/compressor combination is available in 20 and 30 litre sizes. Not only does it reduce the number of bin-emptying occasions and inevitable complaints and assertions of ‘you topped it off, you dropped it off!’, the Titan also saves on bin liners/binbags which is beneficial for the environment. The device also features an anti-tear design which avoids damaging the liner, meaning fewer risks of leaking rubbish bags. You can use either the company’s custom bin liners or buy your own roll to use.

To ensure quality in compression, Joseph Joseph tested the Titan under laboratory settings around 100,000 times. The product has already won plaudits from satisfied customers, who have lauded the Titan for its stylish looks, ease of use and its technology. Chances are the sanitary workers will be singing the praises of Titan users before long.

Technology magazine Digital Trends have featured a handy video demonstrating the Titan trash compactor’s capabilities, which you can see below.



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