WOLVERHAMPTON CAR COLLISION: Two children killed in ‘street race’

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom



Two children have been reported killed after the car they were travelling was involved in a horrific collision in the aftermath of a ‘street race’ between two luxury cars, the British newspaper Metro reported yesterday.

The youngsters suffered ‘catastrophic injuries’ in the incident in the English city of Wolverhampton, which lies in the Greater Birmingham area of the West Midlands region. The collision happened on a stretch of Birmingham New Road notorious for various impromptu and illegal street races between cars.



According to the Metro report, an Audi A3 was involved in a drag race with the driver of a Bentley GTC through busy main roads in Wolverhampton around 9:00 pm local time, Thursday 14 March. The Audi driver then crashed into a BMW vehicle carrying a woman and her two children, a 23-month-old toddler and a boy aged ten. The side-on crash caused the BMW’s airbags to inflate, but tragically the children were pronounced dead at the scene by medics. The mother suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital.

The BMW was shunted into nearby road railings, completely destroying them. Pictures of the blue-coloured Audi show its front heavily crumpled, having come to rest on the same side of the street around 15-20 metres away.

After the collision, concerned passers-by rushed out to try and administer first aid to the stricken family as the mother screamed for help, Metro reported. One witness to the carnage, told the paper his son saw two cars racing near a road junction where the accident happened shortly beforehand from their nearby flat (apartment) window.

The witness, who asked not to be named, said: “I didn’t see it (the crash) but I heard it – two cars must have been racing. My son ran to the window and said ‘they are racing dad’ and then we heard an almighty bang.’

‘My missus (partner) ran down to see if she could help and all the police and ambulance workers were there. You could see the police officers stopping the traffic were really, really distressed.”

A second witness told the newspaper: “I didn’t see the accident itself but I think it was at about 8.40pm. There were a few cars involved and one car had been pushed through the railings.’

‘There were car seats in the back. It was completely written off with the airbags deployed.’

‘There was a man lying in the road and he looked injured, and I heard a woman screaming about 10 minutes after it had happened.’

He added: ‘It’s very sad to hear that children have been killed.”

According to local sources, the drivers of the two raced cars both fled the scene, although the Bentley driver later returned. The driver, reported as a 31-year-old male, was formally taken into custody by local police on a charge of suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. The absconding Audi driver is still being searched for by law enforcement.

Detective Sergeant Paul Hughes, a police officer investigating the fatal crash, said: “This is an extremely tragic set of circumstances which has left a family totally devastated. Staff from our dedicated family liaison unit are now supporting them.

‘I would appeal directly to the driver of the Audi to make contact with us. You may not be fully aware of the full tragic circumstances but you now need to speak to us.’

‘I would also ask the public who have any information or recall seeing a blue Audi S3 and a white Bentley Continental convertible travelling along the Birmingham New Road to make contact.’

‘The investigation is in its early stages and I would also ask the public to think about the family at this tragic time and not to speculate on the circumstances surrounding the collision.”

In addition to regular late night street races, the stretch of the Wolverhampton road where the children were killed is also notorious for drivers jumping red lights, according to local residents. Police are currently investigating the incident.



Sherrie Bachell/Facebook.

“Two children dead after car they were in is hit during Audi and Bentley ‘street race’” – Richard Hartley-Parkinson, Metro/Associated Newspapers Ltd. (15 March 2019) https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/15/two-children-dead-care-hit-audi-bentley-street-race-8907080/?ito=social&fbclid=IwAR1M_01WRs7-5NObOIDA1PzYrvDouaYiH7Vitmh5KGCD5HaJsEz2TakFB4g



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