VIJAY’S SIGNS OF THE TIMES: New blog launched

Ilford, United Kingdom



Late yesterday evening at the HEMNA ‘office’ saw the creation of a new blog from the man who brought you HEMNA and Gifville. The new site, named ‘Vijay’s Signs of the Times’, is being launched today in this exclusive announcement only on HEM News Agency.

Vijay’s Signs of the Times is a hobby blog dedicated to displaying customised street signs, vehicle registration (licence) plates and other types of sign created using templates sourced from other websites found online as part of targeted Google searches.



The groundbreaking of the new blog began around 10.30 pm last night, with a new email address, WordPress account and associated Google Photos account quickly set up in readiness for the go-live. The site has a simple format with a green and white palette, with posts shown as square links on the homepage. Built with the free ‘Revelar’ theme supplied by, Vijay’s Signs of the Times will be the culmination of more than a decade’s interest in making customised signage by the author, who plans to work with different website templates from the likes of Demon Plates and ImageChef.

The site will carry daily posts of .jpeg files of different types of sign, along with brief descriptions of each sign featured. Similar signs were previously featured on this blog shortly after its founding, and have proven to be among the most popular articles published here.

Yesterday also saw the first blogpost on Vijay’s Signs of the Times published as part of the blog’s organisation. Headlined by a monochrome photo of an underground car park, that initial entry showed a parking sign for a fictitious photograph gallery, which was made on a customisable template from a sign manufacturer and supplier in the United States.

Vijay’s Signs of the Times can be found at:

WordPress users and members of the HEMNA Blogging Community can follow the new blog via the follow button, and other guests can subscribe via email.



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